Diamonds in the Rough
Diamonds in the Rough
Perfect Bound Softcover
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To all the "diamonds in the rough" in this world, I dedicate this book. Shine on and sparkle in your own unique way. Don't run with the crowd or feel the need to "blend." Just be you! It's not always the ones with the glam and glitter who try to outshine everyone else but the silent, the subdued, the peaceful ones comfortable in their own skin who are the true diamonds in the rough. My first poem, "Diamonds in the Rough," is all about finding out your true grit. To quote a few lines from my poem, "You're the gems that don't glitter, / you're the gems that don't shine. / One day you'll be discovered hidden in the mine."
"Face Book", featured in my book "Diamonds In The Rough" gives you a sample of my writing style. "Every face tells a story, I know yours well. Life's map and journeys are etched in your Face Book. Rings on a tree reveal its age, I've studied your face, every line, every page. Each wrinkle and laugh line, a crease here and there, your furrowed brow tells me how much you care. Don't change a thing, stay as you are, Your Face Book is honest, every defect and scar; Your life in deep layers, each thought and each deed, Wounds opened wide, cuts left to bleed. Unique is your physique, Uncompromising your look, No, don't change a thing, I love your Face Book!
I have been writing poetry since I was twelve years old. Through my life's experiences I've continued to write poetry, layer upon layer! I grew up in Wisconsin with two sisters, mom and dad. Mom was a poet, author, artist, musician and composer. Through her, I developed a love of poetry and dance. Sometimes I blend the two together, which makes for my "dance of words". My writing is from "A to Z", so to speak. Humor, love of nature, raw emotions, personal experiences and the ability to touch anyone who reads my poetry. I live in Melbourne, Florida with my husband, who is my "muse" at times! I will always write what is honest and true, which makes my poetry part of every man.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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