The Quest for the Crystal
The Quest for the Crystal
Legends of Overon
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The world of Overon calls to you once again. This time, come and join Avery, son of Gabriel, as he takes part on a journey across the realm. From the day he first met Princess Elyon, Avery felt true and undying love. Now, he sets out on a quest to find the one thing that can symbolize that love: a crystal. But this will be no easy task. He and his comrade Xavier, son of Prince Cedric, encounter many obstacles along their journey. Dragons, warring forest creatures, and an omnipotent demon king all stand in the way of Avery’s quest. But no matter what, he will do whatever he must to prove his worth and love to Elyon.
Sellion smiled at his grandson and placed him upon his lap. “Your Grandmother was an amazing woman; she was beautiful, kind, very artistic and had such a heavenly voice. It was said that she could sooth the heart of the fiercest dragon just by singing a simple melody” Sellion said fondly. At that moment, the smile on his face began to slowly fade away. “Unfortunately such skills could not please beings like that vile Throntoc” Sellion growled. Avery cringed at the mentioning of the fallen Reptiliac leader’s name. His father and others had told him many stories about Throntoc and his legions, but he wondered how he could have been involved with his grandmother. “But Pop-Pop, what does Throntoc have to do with Grammy?” Avery asked. Sellion lowered his head and continued his tale, “when Throntoc and his warriors attacked Overon, they killed several of our people…including your Grammy. All I have left to remember her…is this” Sellion said while searching through his pocket. He then pulled out two items from his pocket; a locket with a picture of Raina inside it and a small crystal tied to a thin chain. “That crystal is beautiful, Pop-Pop. Where did you get it?” Avery asked in awe.
Alex Veres, born Dec. 22nd 1985, lives on a farm with his family in Bangor, PA. He has been known by many of his friends and family for having an actively vivid imagination. Said imagination has blessed him with the desire to write his own variety of books within countless genres. His first publication, The Adventures of Prince Gabriel, entertained anyone who came to read it. This led him to create his own fantasy series. Which he has entitled Legends of Overon. Despite living with Hydrocephalus for thirty years. Alex has found his way to leave a mark on the world. By utilizing his imagination through creative means.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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