57 Dog-Friendly Trails
57 Dog-Friendly Trails
in California's Foothills and the Sierra Nevada
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Trails change! Since writing my two guidebooks, 48 Dog-Friendly Trails and Dog-Friendly Trails for All Seasons, I found some wonderful new destinations and new trails to get to some old favorites. With our new puppy Maggie, we realized that some trails were truly our favorites and those were the ones we chose to explore with her. Thus, 57 Dog-Friendly Trails in California’s Foothills and the Sierra Nevada evolved covering 57 trailheads, some with multiple hiking options. All of the trails remain dog friendly, and all have great destinations. California’s foothills and the Sierra Nevada are lush with a variety of trails taking you to different venues – wildflowers, waterfalls, alpine lakes, meadows, snow, and flowing rivers. This is definitely an area ripe for exploring. • all dog-friendly trails • directions to 57 trailheads • 4+ trails for each month of the year for optimal seasonal enjoyment • trails for mountain bikers and equestrians • family-friendly trail options • before and after the hike suggestions
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Debbi Preston previously authored 48 Dog-Friendly Trails and Dog-Friendly Trails for All Seasons. Her inspiration to explore local trails came from her dog, Toots. After losing Toots to cancer, Preston found the trails less enjoyable and was inspired to write “Tails” from the Trails to honor Toots’ legacy. Eventually, the Preston family welcomed their new Australian shepherd puppy, Maggie, and started sharing the trails with her. Preston shared her favorite trails with Maggie and together they discovered new places and different ways to reach old destinations. Aware that the old guidebooks needed updating after several seasons with fires and flooding negatively affecting some trails, and with fees and parking changes, Preston decided to create 57 Dog-Friendly Trails in California’s Foothills and the Sierra Nevada, incorporating her favorite trails along with all of the new ones she had discovered.

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