Thrill Ride
Thrill Ride
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1957. What if Walt Disney wanted a timetravel ride for his recently opened Disneyland, a peek into a city of the future and what it might hold—a thrilling ride. What if he had an Imagineer he felt could come up with what that future might hold and how the ride might work? What if that Imagineer, not wanting to merely speculate what the future might hold, figures out a way to travel to the future to see exactly what it might hold?

Thrill Ride takes the reader on exactly that journey, from the Los Angeles of 1957 sixty years into the far-off future of 2017. What our time traveler finds there, who he meets, and whether he can actually get back to his own time, well, that’s the tale. So climb aboard and come along on a fanciful thrill ride: one filled with humor, suspense, and surprises.

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This is Bruce Kimmel’s seventeenth book. If you’ve missed the first sixteen, they’re all available on Amazon and other online bookstores. He has a record label called Kritzerland that releases theater music and soundtracks, and has worked as either an actor, writer, director, composer/lyricst or record producer for over forty-five years. His song “Simply” recently won a Mac Award for Best Song of the Year. His musical, The Brain from Planet X (written with David Wechter) has been performed all over the world. He recently created a new musical revue called L.A. Now and then, which he also directed. He has the longest-running daily blog in the history of the Internet. A native of Los Angeles, he currently lives in Studio City, California, where it is currently raining.


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