Knights Are No More
Knights Are No More
Perfect Bound Softcover
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From her early childhood, Calista had been lost in her daydreams of living in a castle. She read every book, searched for pictures, and dreamed about everything that had to do with castles. But only her mother's words rang in her heart: "Calista, knights are no more. This dreaming of castles will take you down a path you will not want to travel." Over and over, she heard these words ringing in her heart, filling her entire being with words of power and deep feelings. They were her mother's words of doom. Would she be traveling down the wrong road? The opportunity came for her to purchase property with a castle on the grounds. The castle was in ruins, but she was determined she could bring it back to its original structure by restoration. She sells her childhood home after her mother and father's accident and sets out to accomplish her dreams. There were many pitfalls and obstructions that tried to discourage her work. But she had closed her mind to defeat.
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I grew up in the hills of West Virginia as a coal miner's daughter. My writing started when I accepted a challenge from my mother to write better stories than she had been reading to the grandchildren. My first story was ‘Georgie Tadpole'. Since then I have written several children stories, ‘The Librarian's Puppet Plays, a novel ‘Take the Wings of Morning' and News letters. I have one son, daughter in law, two grandsons, step grandson and a great granddaughter.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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