Feed Me with Words
Feed Me with Words
A Journey Through Maasai Culture
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is a collection of many of my past artworks and an attempt at bringing Maasai culture to people of all ages, in all parts of the world, in a pleasant and heartwarming way-art.
For centuries in many of our African countries, children still gather around the fireplace, usually after their evening meal, to listen to their favorite stories as told to them by their grandparents. The Maasai are no exception. Girls and boys learn how to live life honorably by learning the meanings behind every riddle and the moral teachings behind every story they are told. With these stories and riddle, children understand the meaning of humility, moral strength and true selfless friendship. "Feed me with words" When two Maasai meet, their salutation will be, "Peace be with you" this is promptly followed by "Feed me with words." Each will then take time to slowly tell the other about his family, paying special attention to the wellbeing of their children, the weather back home, telling about their cattle, sheep and goats, and even how their neighbors are faring. Nourishing each other with words. Having fed each other with words, they will then go on to discuss that which has brought them together. On this day, the buying and selling of goats! Let us feed each other with words. Words that bring joy to the heart. Words that nourish the spirit. And let us take time to also listen to one another. For when we do, we will make the world, a better place for all of us! All my art works are geared towards creating a greater understanding of the Maasai culture, but at the same time creating greater appreciation of individual cultural heritage and enhancement of world peace.
I am Nicholas Sironka, a Kenyan born Maasai batik artist with a God given talent. I am also a motivational speaker and storyteller, and use facets of my Maasai culture to share and clearly articulate the ways of our people, the Maasai. For the past twenty three years, my large batik paintings have sought to help bring about a greater understanding of the Maasai culture. This book is a collection of most of my past art works arranged in a life span sequence, delivering facets of my culture across the age range from childhood to old age. As I love children and storytelling, a short story based on a true life experience is inserted within the pages of these works. "I believe that if I can use my artistic talent, to touch another life and make it better, then I will be fulfilling the purpose for which God put me on this earth".

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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