The Common Denominator
The Common Denominator
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“What is happening to our country and to my beautiful city of Memphis, Tennessee hurts deeply.” With an in-depth analysis of what she believes is the sobering cause of the cycle of violence occurring in many of our major cities, the author points to breakdown of the traditional American family. She blames generational government dependency for robbing people of all cultures of their dignity and of the incentive to be self sufficient and to achieve the American dream. Coming from poverty, the author states she has a huge heart for the underprivileged. Her mission is to break the cycle of despair before it is too late. “If we do not face the problem, it will never be fixed,” she says.
With all good intentions, both Democratic and Republican politicians removed much of the pride of accomplishment that comes from self-reliance as millions found that dependence on the government was preferable to hard work and independence. Generational government dependency has exploded since enactment of the "War on Poverty's Great Society," in the 1960's. Fifty years and trillions of dollars later, poverty has not improved and the disadvantaged continue to live under control of the federal government. Statistics point to breakdown of the traditional American family that coincided with massive government entitlements as all but replacing the father's role in the family. This has, unfortunately, relieved many able-bodied men of family responsibilities and created an avenue to lives of crime, filling the nations prisons. My hope is this book will encourage those who are struggling. I want to show them by example that hardship can be an advantage if one does not let themselves become a victim. Despite growing up with no indoor bathroom, no running water, no TV or telephone, my four siblings and I grew into successful, productive adults. We are proud to be living examples that personal success is about taking personal responsibility.
Clara Petty was born and grew up in the eastern Arkansas county of St. Francis and attended college in Memphis, Tennessee. She now resides in western Tennessee. The Common Denominator is her second book. Her first book The Sharecropper's Daughter was a Best Seller.

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