Parenting a New Paradigm
Parenting a New Paradigm
Living with Awakening Children
Perfect Bound Softcover
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We live in intense and transformative times, as humanity is experiencing a consciousness metamorphosis. Deeply suppressed individual and collective traumas and polarized dynamics between "good and bad"/ "light and shadow" are emerging in order to be witnessed and finally healed. The entire vibratory field of creation is transforming. Most children are born with the new morphogenetic blueprint of Unity Consciousness. In order for these unique vibrational harmonics to activate and physicalize, every child needs an environment that supports the blossoming of their innate Divine Nature. It is our children's calling to live the simplicity and beauty of life in cosmic Oneness instead of shouldering the past of their parents and mankind. PARENTING A NEW PARADIGM is filled with inspirational insights to support parents, families, caregivers and humanity in shifting their perceptions regarding children and their interactions with them. The words resonate with deep, transformative energies, bringing healing to the inner children of adults. Together, we can join our children to bring forward into realization a paradigm of individual fulfillment and global harmony.
Caring for a child starts with conception and requires the willingness to accept and respect her individuality. It is paramount to recognize that children of any age are sovereign people, whose deep longing to grow into the fulfillment of their soul and to share their joy of being with us moves them according to their innate rhythm and nature. To create a safe environment and to nurture the blossoming of a child's true nature demands that we - as parents and as a community - revise the tendencies of habitual, unconscious routines, rules, established guidelines and definitions of how a child should be at any age. Then we allow children to develop a solid knowing of their own core and the trust to follow their hearts. Parenting from the heart creates the space of sharing, simplicity, practicality and harmony between each member of the family as the love we feel moves us constantly.
Lightsong is a mystic, healer, writer, and photographer. For many years, she has been assisting children of all ages and their families to transform physical diseases, emotional and mental disharmonies, and energetic imbalances. She is also a voice for children who have none-to create a deeper understanding of who they truly are and what their needs are. She is a gifted and passionate advocate, bringing the children's divine future into the present. To follow her blog, read testimonials, or listen to a free meditation, please go to

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