Granny's Cobbler
Granny's Cobbler
A Counting Book
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Granny's Cobbler is a delightful story for children and adults. The author will pull at your heart strings and take you back to your childhood memories as you read about Granny and Aggie. Granny and Aggie have a deep affection for one another and love spending time together picking fruits and vegetables from Granny's garden. When the blackberries are in season, Aggie and Granny go blackberry picking. They wash, dry and put the blackberries in a container until they have enough for a cobbler. Aggie learns to count by multiples of five and twenty-five up to one hundred.

Rhonda K. Gatlin is a retired elementary school teacher who taught for 39 years and has written her first children's book. She has a delightful story to share based on experiences from her childhood growing up in the South. Gatlin was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1953 and moved throughout several southern states, finally settling in Montgomery, Alabama, where she attended high school. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Auburn University of Montgomery, Alabama. She later earned her Masters of Education degree from Lesley College in Las Vegas, Nevada. She moved to Boulder City, Nevada, in 1989, where she resides with her husband and her miniature poodle, Tu-Tu. Mrs. Gatlin taught for 25 years at Andrew J. Mitchell Elementary School located in Boulder City. She received the American Graduate Champion Award in 2016, from the Las Vegas Public Broadcasting System (PBS) for her active role in making a difference in the lives of students. She hopes to continue to enrich the lives of children and spark an interest in reading and writing through Granny's Cobbler.

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