The Scorpion and the Knight
The Scorpion and the Knight
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Robert sat huddled out of view, watching out across the dessert wasteland under a burning sun, alone save for the company of his horse. His orders were to wait for a messenger he would not know, but on arrival, he was told that the information being carried was vital to the army's existence in the Levant. Though he had no way of knowing, his future was to be driven and tormented by this messenger's directing of events, being drawn through conspiracy after conspiracy. He has sworn to kill her for the abomination she has woven around him, but when events take a different turn, he joins forces with her and sets out on what is to become a strange partnership that has an uncontrolled outcome.
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I came into writing by way of a challenge and not one that I took on with any alacrity, but once I had given one opinion too many, it was presented to me that if I could do better then I should get to it. In carrying out any task that I am to put my name to, it has to be to the best of my ability. I will never stop learning.

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