Brinelda and the Blue Pony
Brinelda and the Blue Pony
Casebound Hardcover
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Everyone has a wish. If you were given just one wish, would you make your dream come true? Or would you put someone you barely knew first? More than anything in the world, Brinelda wished she could ride the magical blue pony on the town carousel. But the blue pony had a wish of his own. Could a single selfless act grant them both their wishes?
Just as promised, around the same time as the night before, the fairy appeared to the Blue Pony. This time, however, the Blue Pony was wide awake, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the fairy. Before she could speak, the Blue Pony shouted "I have changed my mind! Oh please let me change my wish! I wish to give Brinelda a ride on the carousel. She comes week after week and watches as other kids ride the carousel, but she never can because she has no money. Yet week after week she watches happily, never complaining and never begging her dad! I have never seen a child who doesn't cry or beg for what she doesn't have and yet is so grateful for what she has." The fairy looked at the Blue Pony, surprised he was willing to give up his one wish he so desperately wanted only 24 hours before for a child he barely knew. But it was his wish after all. If that is what he wanted, that is what he would get. "Done" said the fairy, "your wish will be granted". With that the fairy was gone, and the Blue Pony was left to fall asleep. That night, however, the Blue Pony did not fall asleep dreaming of being a real live pony with the wind in his mane and the grass under his feet, but rather dreaming what it would be like to see the excitement on Brinelda's face when he told her she could have a ride on the carousel. The Blue Pony was happy with his final wish. Next Saturday Brinelda would be riding him round and round to the rhythm of the music.
Andrea Davidson grew up on her parents' farm in South Carolina. From the time she was eight, Andrea had a passion for horseback riding. Starting in high school, Andrea began seriously competing in the sport of Three-Day Eventing and teaching riding lessons. She attended the University of South Carolina Honors College, where she double-majored in psychology and premed. Upon graduation, Andrea turned her passion for riding, competing, and teaching into a career. Andrea and her husband, Buck, are professional Three-Day Eventers. They spend half the year in Ocala, Florida, and the other half in Pennsylvania with their daughter.

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