The Adventures of Tarum Mon
The Adventures of Tarum Mon
Book 1 The Sphere of Time
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Who is Tarum? What evil stalks his land? What is Xexus? Want to escape your reality, come into my world where with every turn of the page their's a new adventure that waits to be discovered Fantasy just got a reboot
Once Blade had his drink, Tarum made his way towards his table as he had just remembered about Rista who was looking rather upset Tarum apologized to her explained about Blade and Magna he grabbed two more seats and the four decided to work together to plan their next move they knew they would need to leave Drake's Cliff, So when they had finished their drinks and paid the bill they left ready for their adventure together. The group passed many houses and shops suddenly a Violet Spinner swept them off their feet as they tumbled through the air paralyzed they were carried out of the town. Once they had been dumped back to the ground the spinner dissolved they were no longer paralyzed and found themselves in front of the main gate this had now been locked and an eerie symbol had appeared over it. They were all worried about the village and realized there was a chance that someone in the surrounding towns may know what it was or how it was going to effect the town. They hoped everyone in town would be safe as no one could enter or leave it they discovered this when all attempts including magical ones had no effect the symbol just repelled every blow. Tarum and his party followed the common path away from the village and began their long journey, after a few hours had gone by they came to a large stone bridge that led over a flaming chasm, as they the crossed the bridge large flames appeared they moved as if controlled by a greater source yellows, reds and then vibrant oranges swirled around them. The friends decided to make a run for it as the flames grew higher they were about to leave the bridge but licks of flames now blocked their path and began taking shape within a few minutes they had become Ember Beings pure fire given form, these were one of the rarer monsters that inhabit The Rith; the Ember Beings were now blocking their passage showering them long deadly fire shards. They fought back as best they could until Tarum had an idea. He used his magic to cast the spell Storm Rista watched as the sky turned black, thunder filled the air and torrents of rain fell while lighting split the sky above them it was a powerful sight, the three other adventurers found cover from the downpour under a rock formation. Tarum was soaked but it had the effect he had hoped for the rain had caused the Ember Beings to turn to smoke and their path was now clear in a far off place sinister red eyes spied on their progress someone was now extremely angry! They crossed the bridge and continued their journey. Rista Explained that it led to a place called the Scragged Copse where she had done most of her dance training but she was surprised that they had encountered anything as the bridge was normally clear, Tarum followed Rista who lead them through the Copse, their path was beautiful they past many plants of different shapes and colors it felt as if someone had grown a rainbow around them. It was then they noticed one of the trees it stood out by its vivid green foliage it had a weathered sign on it which Read
As a long term fan of the fantasy genre, I loved losing myself in fantastic worlds while traveling to my job I came across an idea for a new world. I made notes about it on my journey and then when I arrived home I started to type, as I did the world came to life in my head characters, creatures, races etc flew from my fingers to the pages. I was so wrapped in my world before I knew it I had created a whole new one with its own magic, god and seasons an even its own communication and currency. My story developed and here I am now a printed author so its true what they say if you dream and work hard you can achieve anything

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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