Why Black Lives Matter (Too)
Why Black Lives Matter (Too)
A Revolutionary Call to Action
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Black Lives Matter movement evolved as a protest against police brutality against unarmed black men. This book extends beyond police brutality to revolutionize the national conversation about racial injustice and inequality and advocate for freedom and justice for all black Americans. We are the voices for equality. Recognizing that the fight for social justice and equality is bigger than any one person and that there is room for diverse talents and expertise of anyone who is committed to freedom, this multicontributor anthology addresses a range of hot-button issues and racial disparities that disproportionately impact the black community. This is a call to action that will challenge you to confront your long-held values and beliefs about black lives and confront your own white privilege and fragility as you examine racial justice and equality in a revolutionary way.
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Dr. Mary Canty Merrill has spent more than twenty-five years motivating and inspiring clients and audiences across the country to step out of their comfort zone and into their personal power. She began her career in corporate America and today is the president and chief operating officer of Merrill Consulting Associates, LLC, an organizational consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Mary serves humanity in a variety of roles-as a psychologist, educator, facilitator, speaker, author, life strategist, human rights advocate, and provocateur-and she is known for her thought-provoking messages, high-energy delivery, and dynamic work in unleashing human potential. She partners with Fortune 500 companies, government and nonprofit agencies, educational institutions, individuals, groups and communities to inspire new levels of confidence, productivity, performance, and success. Her professional blog, The Inside Out with Dr. Mary Canty Merrill, provides engaging commentary on a broad range of topics that encourage dynamic thinking and transform individual experiences. In addition to Why Black Lives Matter (Too), Mary has coauthored two books: The Daughters and Spirit of Harriet and Miracles and Momentum and Manifestation. She has penned the introduction and foreword for several other books and is currently writing her fourth book, Realm of Revelation, to be released in the late 2016.

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