Bank Role
Bank Role
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"¬is banker has earned a great deal of interest in his story. One reads, for example, about amateur dramatics in Bombay, a de facto conquest of Everest, and throwing a General across a room, It is a life of privilege, dedication, travel, and adventure on a scale not experienced by many, in his time. Ful lling the role of an urbane banker on a world stage has its rewards and disappointments. As a strong admirer of HSBC he is saddened at the Bank's recent well publicised wrong doings, and dismayed at their unrepentant arrogance in con scating long service retirement bene ts, especially from those who contributed so much to the Bank's success. ¬e narrative of his various real life roles deserves some applause, if not, in some instances, a standing ovation. ¬ There are aspects of banking told, in part, as it was, as it is, and as it might be. Generously illustrated, the story was not intended to be a literary masterpiece, but it is certainly readable. If writing is all about the author conjuring up words for the reader's imagination to translate into mental images, thus bringing the story to life, I think he has succeeded in this. It is a fascinating window on a banker's life and times, in a by gone age. Read!"
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Sandy McCardle was born in Scotland in 1931. He was educated at Hartree School and the University of Hawaii. Following military service he had a career in international banking, after which he managed the family textile business in Australia.In retirement he lived in Switzerland and London. He is now settled in the west coast of Scotland. Being an autobiography, there is much more about the author in this book.

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