Role Model Ricky's Big Birthday Bash
Role Model Ricky's Big Birthday Bash
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Have you ever wished there was an easy and exciting way to encourage your children to listen, have good manners, and aspire to be good role models? Well, at least most of the time! Then Role Model Ricky's Big Birthday Bash is the book for you. This will be your go-to book to teach children how to be good role models while having fun along the way. Using lifelike situations, Ricky teaches children the importance of having good manners, sharing, and being respectful of others. And best of all, Ricky is a character parents can be proud of and children can relate to. Get ready to watch the positive reaction children have when they read Role Model Ricky's Big Birthday Bash!
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Jeremy and Janel Miller are the proud parents of three boys and live in southeastern Minnesota. Having three children in less than two years, Drew and twins Luke and Tom, they've had their share of learning experiences. Jeremy and Janel thought of the Role Model Ricky idea to help their children learn the importance of having good manners and being nice to others. Jeremy is the chief financial officer of Wm. Miller Scrap Iron & Metal Co. Jeremy and his two brothers are the four generation to be involved in their family recycling business. In addition, Jeremy is currently serving in his second term in the Minnesota State Senate and he is actively involved in the community. Janel is the manager of the occupational health department at Winona Health, a regional health-care system located in Winona, Minnesota, and she is also actively involved in the community.

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