Buying & Owning Property in Central Florida
Buying & Owning Property in Central Florida
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Have you ever wanted to own a piece of the magic in Central Florida or wanted to invest in the growing hub that is Orlando but aren’t quite sure what a title company is or what a short sale is? Well, local ex-pat and property expert Garret Kenny’s new book Buying and Owning Property in Central Florida is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to buy property in this popular area. Written expressly for overseas buyers, Garrett’s book takes you through the entire buying process in Florida—from selecting the right Orlando area, to property selection, to financing, and right through to contracting and renting, showing you what to watch out for each step of the way and how to get ahead. Buyers from overseas have spent $50 billion-plus on more than 250,000 properties in Florida from 2009 to the summer of 2013, according to data from the National Association of Realtors, yet there is very little information out there specifically on the Florida market for the savvy buyer who wants to ensure that they do everything correctly and make the best choices. Garrett’s book addresses that gap in an easily accessible all encompassing guide. This book has all you need to know for buying and owning property in Central Florida.
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Gary Kenny leads by example. His secret behind being a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur is simple but effective: he works hard and he plays hard—and he expects his staff to do the same. “I don’t ask people to do something I can’t do,” he says. What really motivates the down‐to-earth chief executive officer of the Florida-based Feltrim Group of Companies is planning, constructing, and selling top‐quality developments. “I take great pride in planning a project, taking it through to the building stage and then seeing the final product. It gives me a great sense of pride when we deliver a top‐class project.” But the reward that the friendly Irish ex-pat gets from building homes of the highest class is more than mere satisfaction; it is also the key to a flourishing business. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the real estate business behind him, Gary knows that a well-finished product not only achieves a higher sale price, but top-quality developments sell out more quickly than mediocre projects with poor finishes. Having such a commitment to excellent customer service comes at a high personal cost to himself and his family, and Gary regularly puts in seventeen‐hour days. So why does he do this? The story begins, just like many thousands of others, when Gary—whose full name is Garrett—and his family took a holiday in Florida in the 1980s. They loved the sunshine state, its amenities, its theme parks, and its relaxed way of life and wanted to spend more holidays there, which eventually led to them buying their first vacation home in 1996. Now, Gary and his wife, Angela, and young children, Aidan and Brooke, are based in Florida full-time, but the fulfillment of that dream has never left him, and Gary is passionate about helping others find their ideal holiday home or even helping clients emigrate and live in the United States permanently, as Feltrim offers “the full service real estate experience, from finding your dream home, through to completion and beyond.” This business leader has a deserved reputation for being down-to-earth and always keeps in mind the maxim “I know what I don’t know,” which is why he works alongside excellent staff, who are just as committed to providing top-quality customer service. “I buy in the knowledge we need or lack. I like to work with a good team around me that can challenge me and the project. I don’t like yes men that just agree with me because I am the boss.” If Gary doesn’t know the answer to a problem or question, he goes away and researches it himself or finds an expert who can help. Gary was born in Dublin in 1962. After leaving school, he went on to work in logistics, warehousing, commercial and residential property development, and sales and marketing. In total, the Feltrim Group has sold real estate worth more than $600 million, and he and the Feltrim Group of Companies have won numerous industry awards. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and has created, established, and operated various successful business projects in the USA and abroad, including a trucking business in Ireland, which embraced his love of music and gave him a taste of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. “I actually toured with Meat Loaf in the early nineties with my trucking company in Ireland during three weeks of gigs. My first live concert was the Boomtown Rats and Bob Geldof in Ireland, but the best rock and roll band is U2—great music, a great band, and great individuals.” Gary is looking forward to the next chapter as he embarks on some of his most ambitious and developments and projects to date.

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