Face in the Mirror
Face in the Mirror
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Daphne is a twenty-six-year-old forensic artist. All her life, she had been a model child, a studious teenager, and as an adult, she quickly became one of the best in her field of expertise. Then soon after she accepted a new job offer, someone tries to kill her. When she is accused of murder herself, everything falls apart. She has three choices, stay and be punished for someone else’s crime, run and lose everything, or fight back. As the events unfold, Daphne discovers something about herself and her past. Not only is she in physical danger, but she has to cope with the emotional rollercoaster these discoveries put her on.
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Lynne Lexow grew up in a small town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Although schooled in Afrikaans, her mixed ancestry—a father from Scottish descent (Grant) and an Afrikaans mother—had her fluent in both languages from an early age. It was at school that a language teacher predicted that she would become a writer one day. Life intervened, and Lynne opted for a “well-paying” profession. She became a facilities manager, managing commercial buildings. Lynne never stopped writing. Notebooks and computers were filled with poetry and outlines for novels. Finally as the children grew up and left home, she could spend time putting together the bits and pieces that then became her first and, now, her second novel.

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