2014 World Journals
2014 World Journals
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2014 World Journals continues their exciting work of helping Mother Earth. They go to the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Native American conferences. They have much to tell you. Since 2003, Barbara & Margaret have shared their wisdom and experience at PAX Metaphysical Center in São Paulo, Brazil. They broadcast their thoughts through our widely viewed television programs at PAX TV. I love them and support their work unconditionally. Carmen Balhestero, Brazil Barbara and Margaret visited my Salwa Zeidan Gallery and they also spoke to students at four universities about the work of bringing peace and healing to the world. Salwa Zeidan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates In drought-stricken California, the two authors phoned me and I sang a water song. It began to rain! I love working with them. Grandmother SilverStar of the Cherokee/Lakota Nation
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Barbara Wolf is an author, world lecturer, and founder of a vast Internet organization called Global Meditations Network, http://www.globalmeditations.com Margaret Anderson has the ability to receive channeling coming from the whales and dolphins, great healer Emma Kunz and others. Earlier, they have written 2013 And Beyond, 2013 And Beyond Part II, What Can You Do To Help Our World?, Healing by Contacting Your Cells, and Journal Excerpts From the Ring Of Fire.

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