There is a Balm for That
There is a Balm for That
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Christians who are professional athletes often speak of their performance stages as being platforms to inspire and spread the love of Christ. Well, this is Regina Tate’s platform to inspire and to spread the Good News. The book is encouragement and motivation to get beyond and through everyday issues and problems, using the Word of God. In addition, she shares some accounts of athletes and other well-known people doing admirable or not-so-admirable things to help push across the messages of encouragement. The stories about athletes and others are used to help illustrate or paint word-pictures for inspiration as part of a particular message. Included are references to athletes such as LeBron James, Bethany Hamilton, Michael Vick, Barry Sanders, Pete Carroll and Michael Jordan, as well as stories about other notable public figures such as Malala Yousafzai . Regina combines her love of sports with her love of the Lord to inspire and encourage those of us who are on the Lord’s side and others who are looking for reasons to trust in God. And there is no need to worry if you are not a sports fan. The references enhance the primary messages of inspiration; the main thing is still the main thing. Regina’s prayer is that this book will give you a bit of motivation and inspiration by telling and reminding you that God is always pulling for you to get to the other side of through!
This is the most wonderful time of the year; fall is in the air and football is on the ground. The youth football season started last week, college football started this past Thursday night and I am anxiously awaiting the beginning of the real NFL season. My joy abounds. Still, there are days when I hurt all over. My head hurts because there is so little tolerance for the diverse prisms through which we see life and there is a declining appreciation for the myriad ways we have come to survive life. My neck hurts because I snap it every time somebody fails to understand that you can’t continuously cripple a class of people and then demand that they govern themselves like those of privilege. My eyes hurt from having to witness the blatant lack of compassion and the many injustices that plague our world. My ears hurt from having to listen to people lie - even when they know the truth- just so they can hold on to power. My stomach hurts because I sometimes swallow my words when I want to admonish those who are influencing children in a generational-curse-kind of way. My feet hurt from just trying to keep up amid tight schedules and accumulating birthdays. My heart hurts because we were (and are) all born into sin and, the awful fact is, too many of us will continue to wallow there, without the feeling of love, without the guidance of God. But this is not a woe is me diatribe. I have medicine; I have a Balm in Gilead!
Regina R. Tate is a Christian Counselor. She has always loved to write but was pushed away from her dream of being a sports writer long ago. Now, she feels like she has come back around to her dream, just not in the way she envisioned it. She sees the awesomeness of God in that she is realizing her original dream while at the same time exercising her other passion – helping those who hurt, according to the Word of God. Regina is a past engineer with a phone company and a paper company. She has worked for a car manufacturer and as an assistant to her church pastor. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development and a Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling. She has had audiences with business leaders, government officials, politicians, academicians and gatherings of the Lord’s people. She does not consider herself an expert on the Word of God, nor is she an expert in all things sports. She does believe that the totality of her journey thus far has given her a unique way to help those who hurt. She and her husband of twenty years, Al Tate, have one son, Braelon, and they reside in McDonough, Georgia.

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