Love & Wisdom
Love & Wisdom
Understand Why "Me, Myself, & I" Comes Before "You & I"
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Everybody wants to be happy, everybody wants to be loved, and everybody wants to be treated right within their relationship with a potential spouse. Everybody wants to get with someone who will treat them with respect and honor. Everybody wants to get with a person of great quality. But nobody really seems to be focusing on becoming an individual of great quality within their own mind-set. Love is so much more than a feeling or sensation. Love is a way of thinking, a way of behavior, and a way of character. Too often we want certain things from people without attempting to become what it is that we want from them ourselves. It’s one thing to find somebody who will love you right, and it’s another thing for you to be someone who will love them right too. You might be looking to enter into a relationship, but it might just be that you’re not conditioned to be in one right now. Love & Wisdom is more than just a book. It’s a reality check and a reality guide which will support you in reestablishing your reality so that you can eventually establish a loving relationship with another loving person.
There is nothing more valuable, precious, or prized in this thing called “life” as having a genuine friendship with a genuine friend. Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, topaz, or any other gem you could think of...Oil, gas, coal, iron, cooper, metals, the British pound, the American dollar, or the Chinese yuan – none of these things, absolutely none of these things hold any weight of great value or any value against any true, genuine, and authentic friendship with an authentic friend. A genuine friendship is the ultimate gift that an individual could ever receive. Friendship is an exclusive club between two or more people, but there is an ultimate level of exclusivity among two friends which surpasses any other level of friendship. This exclusive ultimate level of friendship is called “marriage”. Friendship doesn’t get ant friendlier than marriage because marriage is the friendship of friendships. Friendship Doesn’t Get Any Friendlier Than Marriage Marriage is the ultimate bond of friendship because it has its own mathematics. Yes, marriage is mathematics. It’s the only level of friendship that results in a mathematical equation of two people, one man and one woman, becoming one. Marriage in essence is one thing and one thing only – a disposition. Your disposition is the inherent essential qualities of your mind and your character. So in other words, we can basically say that marriage is the mathematical equation of one man’s disposition being added up with one woman’s disposition in order to sum up to equal one dispositional unit, just so that they can build a life together in an exclusive partnership. Why ‘You’ Comes Before ‘Us’ When you think about marriage I’m sure that one of the most (if not the most) important factor that comes to mind is the person that you will marry. During this thought process I’m sure that you have a few questions that flow through your mind. Questions like: What will they look like? What will they be like? Or, how will they treat me? These are all normal questions to ponder over when thinking about the prospect of your potential “life-partner”. At the end of the day, if you’re going to commit yourself to sharing your life, heart, mind, soul, body, and time with someone else till death makes you both part, then you definitely want to be attracted to that person. Likewise, I’m sure that you’d want to enter into this “lifetime partnership” with someone who’s going to treat you with, love, honour, high value, and respect? You want to be with a good person who’s going to treat you good, and you want to be with the right person who’s going to treat you right – right? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying along the lines of – “Doing the right thing at the wrong time will bring about the wrong results?” You may have heard the saying in a slightly different version, either way it’s quite a popular saying which carries so much truth in it. It would seem only right to think ahead and focus on the prospect of your future spouse, the person who will become your life-partner. What you want and desire in your future spouse is a critical thing, and it’s something that you should spend time thinking and praying about. As good as a point as this may be – it can also become a distracting problem for you if you make it your main focus in preparing for marriage. This is because the most critical and important factor in you preparing for or gearing towards marriage right now is you – yes... You! Remember what I said in the opening of this introduction? Marriage has its own mathematics and it creates its own sum, equalling you and the person you’ll marry to not become two in partnership but one unit in partnership? While preparing or thinking about marriage, it’s important for you to firstly understand that the quality of your “one” in the equation of your martial sum will result in the total and overall quality of the sum of your “one-in-marriage”. What I’m saying is – the quality of you – your “person” – is going to affect the overall quality of the total sum of your ‘us’ in your marriage. The only thing that you have within your possession right now that will aid in making sure that your marriage will be a life-time success is – you. Too many times we look to receive quality from people without being or becoming quality people ourselves. Right now, if marriage is something that you desire to enter into at one point in the future, you need to focus on becoming and being a quality person who will be ready to enter and build a quality marriage with a quality spouse.
Jennifer Abrahams is a minister, speaker, and singer/songwriter. The best word to describe Jennifer’s work is “real.” Through the lyrics of her songs, all the way through to the writings of her blogs and books, Jennifer keeps it all the way real as she tackles the real issues of life. She lives in London, United Kingdom, with her daughter.

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