Grandmas Are Gorgeous!
Grandmas Are Gorgeous!
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This book is inspired by loving memories and teachings from grandmothers. Reflecting on positive childhood experiences allows application of knowledge to help us in our future. Special snacks, tender moments, traditions, and encouragement are heart-warming, shared, and illustrated in vivid colors. Readers are encouraged to write stories about their grandma and art using collage as a medium is demonstrated and encouraged. When we honor our loved ones through stories, they remain close to our hearts.
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Petrina Licavoli Gunzel (Trina) grew up in the beautiful rural community of Pine, Arizona with the most energetic and loving parents and siblings. She enjoyed growing up sharing Italian traditions, memories, and vacations with her grandparents, family, and extended family in Arizona and Michigan. Trina and her husband, Jon, now make their home in the Branson, Missouri area and enjoy teaching their two children the values and hard work ethic of living on a family farm. Trina graduated from the University of New Mexico with her Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. With over ten years of experience in the classroom, her work as an educational consultant and trainer, and completing her Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership, Trina has a rich background in education from which she draws inspiration for the books she writes and illustrates. She has enjoyed living in Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon and made wonderful friends and memories in each place. As a writer and artist, she enjoys creating teachable moments from life experiences. Trina has a heart for faith, families, and enjoys being a life-long learner; with a creative passion for finding solutions to problems. Taking time to enjoy the great outdoors and make someone else’s day brighter are some of her daily goals.
The book is warm and precious. Grandmas are so special in children's lives and the author has captured that relationship. I look forward to sharing the book with my great grandchildren who are so special to me.
Alma K. Vactor 
Thank you for writing reviews! Check out Amazon for reviews from my global fans, too! I hope this book brings wonderful conversations and memories to treasure. Told from a child's point of view, it shares why grandmas are gorgeous inside and out by teaching and showing love. :)
Trina Licavoli Gunzel 

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