Only Jody Knows
Only Jody Knows
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Only Jody Knows is based on a true story about a girl who disappeared after a series of events in her life in 1900. It is told by a young boy who lived through her disappearance and participated in events to find her. Travel with him as you start at the Sheridan Wyoming County Fair in the late 1930s and flashback thirty years earlier when he lived the adventure. A gold locket, burning torches, bloodhounds, and much, much more are part of this story about Jody. Read it, and enjoy it.
from chapter 14 I started to turn away from the window when i saw a wagon pull up between the two buildings across the way from me.In the shadows, i couldn't see who or how many people there were. i watched silently as a door opened on the side of the left building. light shined through the door into the little alley on the wagon. i watched three men go into the building they left the door standing open. How stupid of them i thought. Shortly, two of the men backed out through the door into the alley. i could see that they were struggling with a box that must have been heavy. As they backed out further, it was easy to see that the box was long and bulky. Two other men came through the door carrying the other end. A coffin! That's Mr. Northfield's coffin, i thought to myself. Somebody's stealing his body!
The author, Craig B. Ewald is a graduate of Parsons College, where he was president of his dormitory and on the campus governing board. He is an inventor, having a US patent. Incredibly, he has been credited with saving the lives of three people, each one on a separate occasion. Craig was a banker for a number of years before joining Caterpillar Inc., where he was called “The Banker” by his coworkers. He likes to hunt, fish, and look for mushrooms. When he got out of college, he began collecting antique furniture pieces. Craig is an avid collector of Currier & Ives lithographs, Planters Peanut memorabilia, and hunting advertising collectables. Craig and Kyle live in the woods near the small town of Varna, Illinois.

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