The Practicalities of Human Resources
The Practicalities of Human Resources
FOR HR Practitioners’ - Fresh Perspective
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This book is for those who think that human resources is fundamental to organisation success. It focuses on how to create, develop, and implement workforce information based on HR arguments to address the needs of the organisation. What needs to be understood, the book is for practitioners: those who will implement HR practices to obtain greater output from the employees. The approach is fresh where the perspective is from HR data.
n contemporary times, HR as an applied business discipline is acknowledged by business leaders, irrespective of size, type or location, to be THE specialism that champions the cause of efficient work, effective workplace and competent workforce in quantity and quality. It is the realization of the importance of the 3 Ws (work, workplace and workforce) that has prompted me to write this book. The primary objective of this book is to apply all the HR theories into reality. It is because of the barriers and unable to overcome the obstacles that have undermined the credibility of HR to some extent. But in recent times, this thinking has to some extent given way to an optimistic perspective.
I am suitably qualified and experienced to write a book within my area of specialism: human resource management. I have approximately seventeen years of HR experience. I am also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London. Further, I believe the HR practitioners will be able to learn something from my experience. I live in London, United Kingdom, where I teach postgraduate and undergraduates organisation behaviour, human resources, etc. I am married and have two daughters, and I enjoy reading professional books and upgrading my professional knowledge.

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