The Adventures of Monty and Keaz
The Adventures of Monty and Keaz
One Small Step
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What would happen if two very intelligent mice decided that they wanted to go on an adventure? What would happen if two very intelligent mice decided to build a space ship and journey into space? Join Professor Keaz and Monty on their hilarious journey as they boldly go where no mouse has ever gone before.
“It’s a car!” exclaimed Monty. “It’s a human car!” “It looks sort of like a car, certainly,” replied Professor Keaz, “but how did a car get up here onto the moon?” “That is one of the three moon buggies,” said the computer. “They were left behind by astronauts when they went back to Earth.” “What are astronauts?” asked Monty. “An astronaut is a human that has been trained to command, pilot, or serve as a crewmember of a spacecraft.” “Human?” asked the professor quizzically. “You mean people have been up here before? I suppose they must have been, if they left this behind.” “You are correct, Professor. Up to this point there have been six manned lunar missions, and each one brought two astronauts to the moon’s surface. This means that twelve men have walked on the moon. On the last three moon missions, they brought one of these moon buggies with them. They had to be left behind because there was no room on the spacecraft to bring them back.” “Are there any people here now?” asked Monty, who was looking around just in case he was in any danger of being stepped on by a space boot. “No, humans have not been to the moon in over forty years.” “Well, in that case, they won’t mind if we take a closer look,” said Professor Keaz. The mice climbed up onto the moon buggy and stood in the seat, looking at the controls. “It doesn’t look like the controls of any car I have ever seen before,” said Monty. “No, it doesn’t,” agreed the professor. “It’s quite fascinating, though. Speaking of fascinating things, do you remember the time that man who invented the Hokey Cokey came to visit the farm? He had a lovely car, didn’t he?” “Oh yes, he did. It was very beautiful, a real classic,” said Monty. “It took him forever to leave, though,” replied the Professor. Monty looked very serious and said, “That’s because when he opened the car door, he stuck his left leg in, and then all the trouble started.”
Ian Reardon was born in Truro in 1976 and lives in the South West of Cornwall. He can often be found walking the beaches of the Mounts Bay area having a good ol' think about things.

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