Meet Me in the Meadow
Meet Me in the Meadow
A Collection of Poems, Short Stories and Memoirs
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Meet me in St. Louis, then further south I ask you to travel with me past the Mississippi RIver town of Kimmswick to a valley along Glaize creek to my secret meadow. As you Meet Me in the Meadow, I will tell my tales to you, Take a peek through time and history, some are fantasy, some true. A memory of my Great Grandmother before the the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair and her encounter with a Gypsy woman traveling through the area. Stories of hardships of my fathers pioneer grandparents as they settled their Homestead in Northern Missouri in the 1830's and kept a diary of the daily challenges. An August picnic a hundred years ago and the pictures I found. On to my own experiences as I lost a classmate in third grade. Some unique ways I look at things, and what types of foods entice me to the County Fair. As a dancer, my escape from a very rude gentleman visiting from Greece. My curiosities and certain circumstances in life. In My Meadow, I describe the area where I found peace to write and where I made some eerie discoveries. Years of interest in archaeology are the subject of several narrative poems as I ventured througn the virgin woodlands along the creek. I am inviting you to Meet Me in the Meadow. Picture a warm Spring day as we sit together and I share my world of Adventure, Humor and Mystery.
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Andrea wrote her first poem in 3rd grade and several teachers praised her. Later her Uncle Charles Guenther, an internationally known poet, translator and columnist for a large St. Louis newspaper, invited her to join a poetry group he founded. He became her mentor and she continued to write. Later with the encouragement of her current peers in a local writers group in Illinois where she currently resides, she started writing short stories. Her tradition from her early writing years was to include a new Christmas poem in with her cards each December and this continues. She has a history in dance and skating, competing at a National level in Dance and was a member of a Middle Eastern dance company in St. Louis for over 17 years. Now retired from her career as an insurance customer service representative she has the time to write and reflect on her love of nature, archaeology and the adventures of her ancestors. She enjoys sewing, reading, gardening and archaeology and several of her poems have been published in local newspapers, and magazines over the years.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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