The Shadow of Her Smile
The Shadow of Her Smile
A Love Story
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Helen lived like a phenomenon of nature—like a great geyser, involuntarily pouring out all it had to give. —Gerard Reuter, oboist If there were ever a success in life, it was Helen. She will always be “all about the music.” —Nikhil Hutheesing, family She was innocent, adventurous, all-loving, all-trusting- she has forever enriched our family. —Vivek Hutheesing, family That beautiful radiant smile of hers—Each time we think of her, it is with joy and tears. —Gerald Robbins, pianist Such an amazing woman and friend, I can still see vividly Helen’s beautiful, innocently smiling face and her sparkling eyes —Anne-Marie McDermott, pianist Helen was a major, major part of the happiest day of my life. You (Ajit) made her happiness and personal fulfillment so very, very complete. —Pamela Paul, pianist She lives on in the hearts of those who loved her. —Sonia Gandhi, family There were moments when her playing was so exquisite that the violinist and the violin were one. And we were oh-so fortunate to witness that. —Stephen Gates, friend Lord Byron wrote “The music breathing from her face.” It is as though he knew Helen, for the music truly breathed from her face. —Barry Romeril, friend
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Born into the famous Nehru family in India, Ajit Hutheesing was educated at Cambridge and Columbia Universities and then worked as a banker in the United States. Meeting and marrying Helen Armstrong transformed his life. From her, he received the gift of an exceptional, selfless, and loving personality who breathed music and shared it with everyone she met. She has been the inspiration for his first book. Ajit currently lives in Connecticut.

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