The Secret of Bridd
The Secret of Bridd
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Kingdom of Bridd is about to be invaded by a ruthless Emperor who wants to enslave all peoples in his path. He wants to become the most powerful man in the world and for that he needs the Foursome. The King of Bridd knows how to defeat him and gathers the people who can help, but everything comes with a price: if they fight him, their lives will be changed forever. On the other hand, if they stand by and do nothing, everybody will fall under his domination. Will the King be able to get everything, and everybody, ready for the crucial moment? With help on the way and his people’s loyalty, Good could defeat Evil, but time is short. Follow the story of the people of Bridd and watch how loyalty and sacrifice can change Destiny.
Annoyed, the King tried one more time to turn the pages without reading, but the Book would not allow that and he stood up angrily, looking around. He started talking, at first more to himself, pacing around, mumbling, and then louder, hoping that the Spirit that had greeted him every time, would hear him and help him get to the part that he needed. “You know we don’t have time for this! I need to get to the part that tells me how to find the true heirs of King Bird. Why can’t I skip to that part? Why is the Book not letting me turn the pages without reading them?” He waited, hoping the Spirit would answer. Nothing happened, though. Nobody answered and he got even more frustrated. He tried to pry the book off the table and like before, it did not budge. He looked around for something to help him do that and except for the torch, there was nothing else in the room but the books and parchments neatly arranged on the shelves. “Spirit, I need your help. My kingdom is about to be taken over by the Emperor and I need to gather all my brothers and sisters if we want to defeat him.” The fact that the Spirit ignored him made him angry but he realised there was nothing he could do about it. As he was heading back to the table to continue reading, a noise made him turn around. He hadn’t noticed that small window before. It was covered in cob webs and somewhat hidden by a pile of parchments stacked on the floor. It was weird to see it – he knew that the room was under the ground, so curiously he pushed them aside. He thought the noise was coming from the other side of the window and as he got closer, the noise grew louder. It sounded like rushing water and he could not understand where the water would be coming from. He knew there were no springs or wells around the castle. The window started to shake gently and a golden liquid started to seep in. It glowed as it was running down the wall and the king touched it with his fingers. It felt warm to the touch and soft like silk. It soothed him as it run over his hand and he put his other hand in it. Then suddenly, great pain shot through his arms and he withdrew them. He looked at the liquid and then back at his hands and saw that it had been absorbed into the skin. His hands now were a glowing golden colour. He tried wiping them on his clothes, but the liquid had dried out and would not come off. Suddenly, the glowing started to spread up the arms and as it did, the pain got once again insufferable. He screamed in agony and fell on his knees clutching his arms that were now throbbing. Still on his knees, he felt warmth wrapping his body and the pain suddenly changed to a soothing feeling. It was gone and he stood up looking puzzled at his glowing arms. And then he saw the transformation. His arms were not arms anymore, but wings, covered by greyish light feathers. Amazed, he looked at them turning to wings and did not understand what was going on. Then, he felt something happening to his face. He could not tell what it was and there was no mirror for him to look into, but he could tell his nose was changing shape and his mouth was getting smaller. He tried to touch it with his arms, now completely covered by feathers and all he could feel was something hard and pointy. He started moving back to the chair to sit down, as he started to feel dizzy, but his legs would not move and he stumbled. Reaching forward to steady himself, he looked down and saw why he could not move: his feet were not there anymore, but instead two claws were holding his body which now felt lighter. Struggling to keep his balance, the King forced himself to walk and instead, he took off floating gently above the floor. His arms were now spread to the sides and as he tried to move forward, something feeling like a natural instinct made him move them up and down. As he was doing that, he noticed the distance to the floor was growing bigger and for a moment he panicked. He was moving up steadily and that made him want to flap his arms faster. He could now see the library in its entirety. As he was soaring in the air, the books were getting smaller and the parchments resembled stacks of toothpicks. From the top of the room he suddenly realised what was happening: he was flying!
M. D. Millar, pen name for Maria Dumitrescu, was born in Bucharest, Romania. Her writing career started in school when she placed 3rd in an interschool competition for Mother's Day in her hometown. While in university, she wrote a number of articles for the Romanian Academy of Sciences Annuals and after graduation she published a series of newspaper articles in a Medical Journal. In 2008, she coordinated and developed a resource manual for ESL and literacy instructors, currently available online. Graduate of the University of Bucharest and holding a B.A and an M.A. in languages and linguistics she always dreamt of writing children's and youth books. "The Secret of Bridd" is her first fictional youth novel about loyalty and sacrifice. The characters in the story fight, and die, to protect the most important things in our life: family and friends. Not always Good defeats Evil, but when all the "good guys" join in the fight, evil has no chance but to retreat and surrender. M.D. currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her son and her husband.

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