Adventures with Ethan
Adventures with Ethan
Freddy the Frog
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The story of “Freddy the Frog” comes alive through the eyes and voice of a six-year-old boy by the name of Ethan. Ethan explores the world of nature and encounters a variety of events that could only happen to a six-year-old boy who has quite an adventurous spirit. Many times these events transpire with his 3 cousins and his sister who are approximately the same age. He talks about frogs with toe-pads that land on his Nana’s windows and how they stick to them. His explanation of catching a frog, naming the frog “Freddy,” and how the frog landed on a tree and making a noise that sounded like “SPLAT” makes us wonder what he did to the frog. He tells the story of a “Wart Lady.” Living next door to his Nana gives him the opportunity to walk through the woods to her house. It is in these woods that Ethan finds many critters and adventure stories. His stories are imaginative and funny. He wonders if the events really happen or if he just has dreams and remembers them to tell his Nana. Ethan questions events such as his encounter with Freddy and the army of frogs he sees with him. Regardless of how the story of “Freddy the Frog” came about, children should find this story humorous.
Why those toe-pads almost look like the suction cups found on some toys that stick to the bottom of the bathtub when you take a bath! The one I caught was not a tree frog and he did not have wings to fly. When I picked him up, he was wet and cold and he had creepy looking bumps all over his body! You know what else . . . that frog was so big and round that his sides hung over his back feet, and his eyes puffed out like big, fat purple grapes! He almost did not fit in my hand because he was so big! I got so excited that I couldn’t stop jumping up and down! What an experience I had with this frog!
There are three basic reasons this author decided to write stories for children in the elementary grades. The first reason is a result of listening to her grandson, who at 6 years of age started telling her numerous stories that were pretty hard to believe. He is now 10 years old, has an adventurous spirit and is quite the story teller. He and the author have documented several other stories. Most of his stories revolve around being outside, playing in the woods, observing nature, and doing other outdoor activities. The author has 10 grandchildren with 6 of them being between the ages of 17 months and 11years. She wants them to have a “love of reading, writing, and imagination.” She envisions this story capturing their attention, wanting them to excel in their reading and writing skills. The second reason for writing this story was the recently established education rules in Indiana where third grade students must pass a reading test before they are promoted to the next grade level. Therefore, the story is written on a third grade reading level. The author hopes this story will be an added spark for young children to read during their leisure reading time at the library or at home. The third reason for writing the book is the author’s love of kids. She is a retired teacher and school administrator with 31 years of experience. She holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Business Education, and received her Ph.D. in School Administration. All degrees were obtained at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN. In the 2007-2008 school year she was named, “Indiana’s Middle School Principal of the Year.” She has had numerous speaking engagements. The author believed that her experiences and training would assist in the writing of a children’s book.

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