Life is Outstanding
Life is Outstanding
Casebound Hardcover
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Anthony D. Collins has always had a purpose that he tried to deny over and over again. But without any more delays he finally took all the confirmations from friends and associates that his positive words should be shared with the world. His life testimonies have helped people all over the world. Anthony decided that he could do more and that is exactly what he is doing with this book. He always says just sit back and allow him to do all the positive work and fill your lives with inspiration.
I stand today reaffirming that “Life is Outstanding” not because my life is perfect but because I choose to live in a manner that will not allow me to think in a negative way. “Life is Outstanding” because once we have mastered the art of Gratitude being our new Attitude all the things that we have a burning desire for will start appearing in our lives sooner than we imagined. “Life is Outstanding” because once we learn to appreciate the small things in life the big things in life will appear quicker.
Anthony D. Collins was born on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. He was raised by both of his parents. While growing up Anthony didn’t share a lot of his true emotions and thoughts with anyone. Matter of fact he decided at an early age that he was going to lie his way through life until one day Anthony realized that this was destroying his soul. On his mission of becoming a better person, he did not realize that his testimonies were helping other people with their lives. As time went on Anthony, understood that his purpose was to help motivate and inspire others. Anthony’s first project titled “Life is Outstanding” is only confirmation of Anthony living out his purpose with a determination to help others learn how to live freely through his failures and life changing events. Anthony has been able to experience every level of life from having things given to him and not appreciating them. To working hard for over 17 years as a blue-collar worker, losing everything that he thought was important in life and learning how to regain what’s really important in life by simply choosing to do one thing. Remembering that throughout all of his circumstances “Life is Outstanding”.

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