Captain Fishbones
Captain Fishbones
And the Cursed Treasure
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This is a story about the meanest pirate on the sea and how three chests will change his life forever.
One day, a treasure map came into his possession. Even Capt. Fishbone did not know how he got the map, but with him being a pirate and the map being a treasure map, it did not matter. He sailed off to find the treasure though calm and rough weather. For you see, besides raiding and attacking other ships, teasure hunting was something pirates loved to do. After weeks of searching, he finally found the island the teasure was on. So bright and early the next day he went off to get the treasure.
He is a father of two boys and knows first hand how reading to kids will help to expand their knowledge and imagination. The stories he writes are ment to entertain young kids with laughter and to captivate their young imaginations.
Wonderful book for all small children , the pictures are great for children to follow.
Vickie Martin 
Great story line that keeps children entertained. Great book.
John Hampton 

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