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Casanova is a poem about a boy who leaves for university a relatively innocent person with universal ideas on life and love. The whole poem was written so as to take the reader through the stages of his transformation as he meets and interacts with various girls from varsity. The poem starts off just as he joins varsity and leaves behind the life he had before for a fresh start in this new world of freedom. It starts off showing the wild side of university and how the freshman is eventually led into his first infatuation, heartbreak, and the way it changes him. The story continues through showing all the girls he gets involved with and how they eventually turn him from an innocent guy to a Casanova. The story then takes the freshman through a rude awakening when he gets involved with a fragile girl who believes she’s found her soul mate only to realize that’s not how things always work out when the nowtainted freshman decides to keep his distance from her. “Casanova (not the legendary one) is simply rich in diversity of subject and substance.” —Mr. Wodanga
When I saw the look on her face, I knew then, she really did love me. The look of pain and frustration covered by a plain expression, But I saw in her eyes the look of desolation… The last night we spent together, We laid together and fell asleep like we died together. Without words we spoke to each other, Caressing to comfort one another, Me and my Dopaliscious angel, so close, this love’s a powerful force,
I’m a psychology major, and I wrote this book to address some of the experience college students face. This book was also my way of clearing my mind of some things that were weighing me down at the time. Even though it is a fictional and not everything in the book happened as was written, the basis for writing this story was a very real experience that needed to be dealt with if I was to move on with my life in a healthy way. I am Kenyan born and bred, but I now live in South Africa finishing my studies. I’ve had a crazy life thus far, and I like to share some of these experiences with the rest of the world. Some experiences are too great to let be forgotten.

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