The Adventures of Backwards Bear and Baby Curl
The Adventures of Backwards Bear and Baby Curl
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Backwards Bear is a Special Teddy Bear that lives in Teddy Bear Land. Backwards Bear does not know of his unique gift as of yet. He feels that all the Teddy Bears that lived in Teddy Bear Land were picking on him because he was different. He wanted to experience something new in another place. Backwards Bear end up going to the place that all little Teddy Bears feared. He meets Baby Curl and they instantly become best of friends. In addition, this is where their adventures begins.
In a far away land where no one knows where it begins or ends. Where cute and cuddly bears live in a land called Teddy Bear Land. In addition, to this land there was a special bear. Backwards bear was cute, cuddly, and not so clever. He would wear shorts in the middle of winter. He would also wear socks on his hands when they belonged on his feet. The Bears of Teddy Bear Land would say." No, No, Backwards Bear those socks belong on your feet.
A Mothers' Pen was inspired by her husband to write children stories because of her witty sense of humor and creative mind. She has a act with children that leads to a unique imagation that is demonstrated in all her writings. She has a undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems and a Double Master's Degree in Business and Health. Going in a different direction from what she studied in college to pursuit life fillment, she became a Children's Author.

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