Otter Tales
Otter Tales
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Join Sammy, Swifty and Newsome ... three young otter brothers ... as they find excitement, adventure and some hard-learned lessons in the San Juan Islands. Sammy, Swifty and Newsome join their mother in the daily life of an otter, hunting for food, learning how to find tools for opening clam shells, rafting together on the open seas to sleep, and where to find the best tasty urchins and abalone. All goes well, but along the way they have to hide from hungry sea lions and even soaring eagles; they meet a surprise new member of the family; and the three brothers find out how not listening to their mother can lead to a scarry and dangerous adventure.

At the bottom of ther kelp bed mom showed her family how to carefully collect the smaller sea urchins and put them in their pouches.

Suddenly Newsome asked, "Mom what is that huge brown thing swimming above us?

"Oh my, it is a Sea Lion!" Said mom. "Quick we need to hide inside the middle of the kelp and hope they do not see us. If there is one, there are usually more," she added.

This was very scary for Sammy, Swifty,and Newsome. And mom was worried for her pups safety.

One of the sea lions was swimming so close to the Otter's hiding place that they could see his big black eyes. But the sea lion did not see them becaus the Otters blended in with the kelp so well.

As the sea lion turned to move on, he bumped into swifty and dislodged him from the otter's hiding place. Swifty Quickly moved back into the middle of the kelp to hide again, but the sea lion turned to find what he had bumped. And when he did, two of his curious friends came along.

Mother otter and her family stayed in hiding and were very frightned. They did not want to become the sea lion's supper.

Kathleen Morrissey and her husband raised two sons. Their grandsons are a continuous source of inspiration for children's stories. Kathleen's career as an industrial educator allowed her to travel extensively throughout the United States and to other parts of the world as well. Her family hobbies of boating and camping in the San Juan Islands and the cascade Mountains over the years taught her to appreciate the outdoors and the wide variety of animals with which we share the planet.


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