Coming Home
Coming Home
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Lt. Kevin Nicholas is flying a spy mission for the US Navy along the east coast of Russia when he encounters a large storm and must eject over Russia. Since his grandfather taught him the Russian language, he assumes the identity of a translator and works his way along the Trans-Siberian Railroad toward Novosibirsk in order to make his escape through European countries.
Three and a half months passed as Kevin developed his plan. He knew he had to do something to improve his situation. As he thought about trying to pass through China and North Korea, he realized his chances for survival in such an attempt would be slim. He also thought about going to the Pacific coast but since it had been so long since he had gone down, he would have nno way of contacting the Navy. His only other option seemed to be travelling west through Siberia, and attempting an excape through the European countries. The Trans-Siberian railroad was the only transportation which would take him west.
Howard Kirkpatrick used to listen to his brother’s stories of flying missions along the coast of the Soviet Union. His brother was a Commander in the U.S. Navy flying the RA5C Vigilante. Kirkpatrick made several trips to the Soviet Union and Russia. Kirkpatrick is a graduate of California State University at Chico and is the owner of an independent insurance agency located in Redding, Ca. He is married and has four daughters, nine grandchildren and one great grandson.

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