A Glimpse From Christmas Past
A Glimpse From Christmas Past
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While doing some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve a man has a magical experience. He watches a child preparing to get on Santa's lap through a shop window and is reminded about a special Christmas memory. When the child gets down Santa makes eye contact with the man and they are immediately taken back to a moment they had shared (in his past). So the story unfolds as he stares through a window of time at a Glimpse from Christmas Past…
"One last child, list in hand, stood anxiously beaming with delight…waiting to see Santa in full regalia on this magical wondrous night. Gently he lifted the child to his lap with a roar of a laugh and smile. I watched him whisper in their ear, listening intently all the while. They told him of the gifts they wanted as he assured them he would try. Saying 'only if you promise to be good all year' as he awaited their reply. He said, 'the elves keep me in the know of the children who are naughty or nice. So, be sure to listen to your parents and teachers; heeding their advice. He added, 'don't forget to leave some goodies on a table by the door…as this business of delivering toys and gifts is certainly no easy chore'. Then as he lifted the child down, as I was staring at myself through the glass. Suddenly remembering the faces and places in a Glimpse from a Christmas Past…
The author was born in the close community of Southwest Philadelphia, PA during the wonder years. His family moved to its western suburbs where he met and married his wife (editor), Nancy. It is the community they raised their four children and they still live in the same area. They currently have five grandchildren who were the inspiration behind writing this children's Christmas story. Their hopes are someday this work (A Glimpse from Christmas Past) will become a treasured classic and a traditional family favorite. The author attend catholic grade school through eighth grade graduating from Upper Darby H.S. in 1974. Some notable alumni are Tina Fey, Jim Croce, Todd Rundgren etc... He attended St. Joseph's University but never finished his degree. However he received the inspiration by his English Lit and Comp college professor to write while attending there.

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