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Elizabeth tells us a true story that begins heart breaking with a touch of humor. She opens up her heart in hopes of helping other people that have felt or feel the same way she did, INVISIBLE, to know they are not alone. Hoping that parents will recognize if they have a child feeling as she did, so they can reach out and correct it. Elizabeth tells us how it feels to be the other child as her family struggles with her little brothers’ medical problems. The pain of being the other child, having to make sacrifice after sacrifice, and the sorrow she felt when her parents made family choices that she felt were not fair to her… Find out what made Elizabeth feel INVISIBLE, and how she turned her feelings and emotions into a desire to reach out to the world to help families and children that live with Autism and Epilepsy.
I was scared for my little brother; I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. I do love him, and sometimes I was almost afraid to touch him. I felt bad for my mom because she cried a lot! She didn’t know that I could hear her, but I did. She would always tell me… “Everything is fine”, “I stubbed my toe”, or if she was in the kitchen she would just say, “I was cutting onions, and they make my eyes go crazy.” I know she was scared too. I just wish we could have talked about it. I think looking back at it now, that it would have made things better. Let me know that I’m not causing problems, and that all you are going through with Bobo is just sometimes too much. Guess what! It is too much for me too sometimes. BUT NO ONE is thinking of me. Bobo is what mom calls a handful. Well now that we know that Bobo has Epilepsy, it requires him seeing more doctors, more testing, and that means more opportunities for Mom to have more reasons to seem angry with me. I had started depending on myself to find ways to spend my day that was away from my brother and mother, so as not to cause any trouble. Mom usually had a busy day. I was busy to, just trying to stay out of the way, at least that’s how I felt. If I could just stay quiet, not say anything. Maybe Mom won’t cry. I knew she was crying when she told me she stubbed her toe or was cutting onions. I went along with her story because I didn’t want to hear that she didn’t have time to talk to me or that she was fine, or feel like I was causing her to cry.
I started my life in Florida. I later moved to Michigan, and then Mom and Dad relocated us to North Carolina. I don’t know where life will take my family next, if I move again it will be another unexpected adventure. It is a requirement that I have free time everyday. In my free time I enjoy skateboarding and listening to music, riding my bike and listening to music, reading, playing on the computer and did I mention that I like listening to music. I often use my free time to do my nails or try new hairstyles. I have my own unique style of clothing. I’m not someone that pays attention to what the newest fashion is. I like to wear what I like, because I like it. My love for reading, and going on adventures through reading, led me to writing my own adventures. INVISIBLE came as a result of my writing my displaced emotions and wanting to help others that may be living a life-adventure, much like I am.
Amazing and eye opening to anyone who reads this book. Enough love and humor for everyone to relate to.
Debora Fouts 
OMG! I cried, I laughed right out loud, I am have been educated thru the eyes of a 10 year old. AMAZING STORY!
It was amazing reading the book

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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