Everlasting Arts and Sciences
Everlasting Arts and Sciences
Volume 2
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Written by a seasoned Prophet and reputable Spiritual Scientist, His Lordship Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok; Everlasting Arts and Sciences volume 2 unveils more than 4000 secrets of the universe, natures, souls, destinies, spirits, man, earth and its components and creatures. Vital issues like the World’s Holiest City, different manifestations of our first parents (Adam and Eve) on Earth, the Earth’s most important and costly portion (city) are unveiled. Mystery in names, most blessed moment since the creation of the Earth, and the chemistry behind the physical manifestation of the Almighty God on Earth are also unveiled.
Another (final) change in the world climate, release and withdrawal of keys to immortal and from mortal music are here revealed. In-depth knowledge on the spiritual composition of man, animal, fish, bird, fire, thunder and air; forces behind talking, sleeping, tongue; witchcraft and the causes of population on Earth; the different spiritual essences attached to each continent of the world, the pasting of the flag of victory of good over evil in all continents of the world are among other revealing secrets in this book. The New Name of the Almighty God is again exposed for man’s consumption and eternal blessings. Equally, those portions earthquake cannot occur, and why bigger nations will come to their knees are also unveiled. Endless number and figure of Final Judgment, the composition of perpetual life, the original location of the Garden of Eden, the composition of the Bottomless Pit and the Mark of Salvation are also some of the important contents. It is a book for all races, tongues, nations and colours, of this last generation.
Written by a born Prophet of Almighty God, and reputable Spiritual Scientist and Consultant, His Lordship Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok, "Everlasting Arts and Sciences" is a combine Book Series of Two Volumes. It is the masterpiece and record of pure spiritual facts, figures and skills of The Almighty God. Designed and kept for all of humanity, spirits, natures and creatures, for natural and perfect orientations, that will be use in an endless generation to be known as “New World”. It is a Book of accurate knowledge that cannot be obtained in any home of learning throughout the entire physical world (Earth). It contains more than 6,000 hidden facts of natures and the Universe at large, including more than 4,000 unprecedented technologies and inventions that will perpetually serve man and his entire generation. It is embodiment of comprehensive knowledge needed by all of humanity as he gets preparing for brighter moment of endless generation, already established by The Almighty God Himself awaiting it final take off. A generation without stress, pains or misfortunes is unveiling in this holy book.
The Volumes 1 and 2 is a complex record, totaling 12 Chapters. Volume 1 contents 5 Chapter with Volume 2 having 7 Chapters. It unveiled secrets of natures, souls, spirits and the Universe, includes the coming changes in the Earth. The transformation of the Bermuda Triangle by the Holy Spirit Personified is also revealed, natural composition of man and other creations of the Earth are among those secrets unveil in this book.
As shocking as most unveiled mysteries in this book, one of the most human wanted secrets is as well revealed, as Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok unveils the original location of the Garden of Eden. The natural compositions of Air, Water, Fire, Soil and the true nature of Vegetation are unveiling. Other unveiling facts include the last duty to be perform by the eye, natural speed limit of the eye, brain and hearing distant of ear. Natural power of sensing distant is not left out, the most distinguished visitor that has ever visited the Earth since creation, the coming final change in world climate are among the great mysteries unveiled.
His Lordship, Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok in most cases played his part as a reputable Spiritual Scientist, even as he went ahead in unveiling the true colors of Adam and Eve our first parents, Cain and Abel and their twin sisters. He also unveils the most costly landmass on Earth, the natural composition of man, the odor of each continent of the world and their effect, and on how the flag of victory of good over evil will be pasted in all continents of the world.
The book is man’s most wanted knowledge, as it among other shocking mysteries unveils how the keys of immortal and mortal music will be release and withheld accordingly. It speaks about the new technologies and inventions that will be unveil for man’s use in the New World of endless generation of the Holy Spirit, going down deep, it reveals how the present day sciences and it accomplished technologies and inventions will cease to exist from the surface of the Earth. On how animals, birds and fish will go on errand for man without passing through any form of training, and the most dangerous, sensitive and critical part in human body are all unveiled.
The book further reveals the most productive, blessed and joyous day ever since the creation of the Earth.
Holy Book of Everlasting Sciences is highly composed, from the inner perspective of nature to the physical awareness of man. It unveils secret on how the world will be divided by 144,000 cities, with each having its own ruler call "King". The Earth and most worlds of the Universe are diagnosis here for human understanding. Surgical operation is perform on our world, even as more facts as concerning her existence and the mechanisms use in protecting the earth are unveiled. All marriage couples and those intending to get married should learn the natural protocol of marriage as unveil in this book.
Bishop Orok who is acclaimed in many quarters as the "World Seer" has dig into all continents of the world, bringing out their different colors and their effects upon the continents. He as well unveils the potentials and benefits man and other creatures can profit from those colors. He explains how there shall be 144,000 cities during the period of a New World, and how each of these cities will be govern by a king, who will be under the control of a Supreme Monarch, called The King of kings and The Lord of lords. The essence of their existence is not left out as the different pattern of operation is highly unveiled. The Earth and important of her different divisions are also unveiled in order to give man the awareness of how it shall be put to use. Equally, the essential organ in human body is not left out, as the greatest position of the Earth is here unveiled for man’s consumption.
A record of unprecedented knowledge has finally arrived, with the unveiling of how the natural hearing power of the ear will return to normal, thus allowing man to hear a distant of 2,000,000,000 miles. Equally, the book also reveals how the eye will see an object at a distant of 72,000,000,000 miles, after revealing how every parts of the body was functioning as at when man was first created.
It is a book of glory, giving man the hope of perpetual existence without experiencing any huddle, pain, sorrow and death. The coming events that will lead to complete change in the global banking industry and its final expectations are all unveiled. The book also reveals how each moon has their different satellites that can give man all needed information that could made him avoid unforeseen circumstances.
The weight of any man in matrimony is unveiled in this book, even as it goes ahead to expose the content of the woman, in their union as husband and wife. It is a book all married couple cannot afford to miss., as it gives the breakdown of their original nature concerning two bodies coming together to form one entity.
And as the Prophet of The Almighty God, Bishop Orok speaks again on the mystery of the New Name of The Almighty God, even as he reveals the Mark of Salvation, that will allow man and other creatures gain everlasting life.
Everlasting Arts and Sciences Volumes 1 and 2 are books all scientists, technocrat, inventors, artists, politicians, businessmen and businesswomen, religious leaders and members, students and teachers of all learning, universities and colleges at all levels, must not fail to have in their archives.
His Lordship, Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok is a born Prophet and reputable Spiritual Scientist and Consultant on issues related to nature and the universe at large. His services cut across all nations, organizations, governments, individual, tribes and tongue, irrespective of belief, faith and religion. He is accurate in all matters as might concerns spiritual research, diagnosis, and solution to every predicament. Bishop Orok has a Strong Power and Gift of the Holy Spirit. His talent stands irrevocable and cannot be tempered with on the course of his spiritual mission. In addition to the indwelling Gift of Prophetic Utterances in him, and with his aim of assisting man reach his original goal, couple with his nature as a reputable Spiritual Scientist, he has made series of researches on humanity, and the universe at large, including the different parts of the world, natures, destinies etc, and has fished out hidden facts that if adhered to by humanity, will bring total relief to all their problems and predicaments, and advance to his entire generation. Bishop Orok has authored several spiritual books of unprecedented mysteries, which cut across all nations, religions, governments, beliefs, colours, races and humanity in general. Above all, he is the Prophet of the Almighty God.

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