An Immigrant’s Song
An Immigrant’s Song
Of a migrant’s life, love and despair.
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is a fiction in poetry format. It reflects an immigrant's unfulfilled dream. It is about the trials and tribulations of an expatriate. The book narrates the tale of an emigrant, compelled by the circumstances of a debt burdened family in the Indian subcontinent, to pursue a migrant dream. The narrator lands in Frankfurt where he chances to meet a lady at a railway platform. What follows is a narration of the migrant's life, loves and despair. Subtly, the author conveys the fears and anxieties of a migrant who finds himself as a loner. Even as there is some bonding with the love, fate overtakes him : the love is unfortunately afflicted by an ailment. To get over the sorrows of helplessness, the lovers decide to have some last rides together to various destinations: a candle flickers prior to it being extinguished. In the end, he is vanquished and seeks solace in spiritualism.
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Jay Nayar is an expatriate living outside his home country for fifteen years. A Ph. D in economics, he had been a bank manager for several years, before he took up teaching. He teaches marketing and management to MBA students. He also teaches economics and banking to Undergraduate students. Poetry is a passion with him; he believes writing is an emotional bunker to which he retreats to protect himself from the warzone of life.

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