Overtired? Overweight?
Overtired? Overweight?
The Solution
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Here at last is a truly simple guide to finding lost energy, and with the rediscovery of energy, the ability to stick to a diet which encourages weight loss. There are masses of weight loss diets and programmes, but the truth is most of them do not work permanently. This book tells us why this is and how to break the mould. Learn why you are feeling so tired. Learn how a balanced diet increases your energy levels. Understand why it is so difficult to lose weight. Make this the beginning of a new lifestyle. Feel the difference in your energy levels. Rediscover the vigour you once had. Begin to experience the joy of life. You are about to experience a new and sometimes difficult journey, but if you persevere, you will feel a new, fresh vitality, and with it the get-up-and-go factor that has been missing in your life.
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Educated in East Africa, UK, and at Loughborough University, Peter Taylor taught English and Physical Education, managed leisure centres, organised major events, owned shops in France, lived in Kashmir, and owned a health spa in Devon before embarking on a career as an alternative health practitioner. With a science degree in Nutrition, he is well-qualified to comment on the extraordinary rise in global fatigue and obesity. Since almost nothing is being done to tackle this immense problem, it is incumbent upon him to draw attention to some of the reasons for this rise. This booklet is designed to inform and to give those who would like to gain energy, take control, and lose weight, the real truth behind the problems associated with fatigue and obesity. In addition, he offers probably the only long-term solution to dietary control. Peter continues to practice in the UK.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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