Raging Fire, Roaring Thunder
Raging Fire, Roaring Thunder
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A raging fire made 10-year-old Betsy Miller realize that she loved 11-year-old Ryan Stewart. That love never faltered throughout high school and college. After their second year of college Ryan presented Betsy a beautiful engagement ring. But a roaring thunderstorm changed Betsy’s life, shattering her dreams. No longer could her love for Ryan be expressed. No longer could she consider marrying Ryan. As the years progressed, her love for him never faded. This is a story that follows the trials and hardships of their lives. Will life together for them ever be a reality?
I was afraid of the darkness, but I could at least handle that. But the lightning and thunder, wind and rain! I was afraid of being alone. I wanted someone to hold me and comfort me. I was afraid I might be abandoned. I ran down the stairs, hoping to fall into my mother's arms, but her arms were not opened to me. She was busying herself hunting candles and a flashlight. She snapped at my brother Tony--your Uncle Tony--who was ten years old and ordered him to "tend to your sister". Tony did everything a big brother could do, holding me tight to him, caressing my shoulders and my head, and continually encouraging me with just the right words. I finally settled down and when the sstorm subsided, Tony put me to bed, still talking and offering assurance. After that storm, Tony assumed the job of tucking me in, kissing my forehead and telling me goodnight. After that storm experience,I always feared that another one like that might come. I was always afraid of thunderstorms. I felt uneasy at the slightest amount of wind, rain, lightning, or thunder. I would always run to Tony and would not get out of his sight during such occurences. The funny thing is, it took another severe thunderstorm to somewhat cure me of this fear. "A very interesting story, Mother, but I still don't see the point," said Betsy. "Be patient, you'll see it soon enough," Mrs. Miller replied. "Let me continue."
A.A.Alexander is a professional engineer active in a design/build firm that specializes in design and construction of healthcare facilities. Author of three previous non-fiction books, this is his first novel.

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