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Good News
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This is a spiritual guide through the gospels. It is a book re the teachings of Jesus Christ as evidenced in the gospels. The chronology follows the gospels, parables and teaching of Jesus. this book may be used for instruction, teaching and spiritual reading which can be read chapter by chapter in small bites.

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Peter J. Riga is an attorney practicing appellate law in Houston, Texas. He is a writer of over thirty five books and over five thousand articles on law, foreign and domestic affairs, foreign policy, ethics, philosophy, theology and scripture as well as comparative religions including Islam. Mr. Riga has three doctorates in philosophy, theology and law. He was a former chaplain in Vietnam with the 101 st Airborne Division and received the bronze star and purple heart. He was a missionary and parish pastor along with other ecclesial offices. He taught law and theology at various universities including the University of Florida, University of California at Berkeley and South Texas College of Law. He studied as well in universities in Europe. This rich background gives him great insights into the present study of lslam war on Christians throughout the Islamic world.

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Peter Riga may be contacted at and P.O. Box 52518, Houston, TX 77052


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