The Drummer
The Drummer
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In the city of Villa Park, California, retired businessman Fred Dupree lies dead in his home. His son Forrest, the drummer of an up-and-coming band, Purple Cinnamon, has both opportunity and motive working against him—his father was worth well over six million dollars. Enter Homicide Detective Christie Cloud, who upon investigation of the tampered crime scene begins to suspect that her colleagues’ belief in Forrest’s guilt might be premature. Following the vicious homicides of three more seniors, Cloud pursues leads across the Pacific Northwest, pitting her against a ruthless L.A. gang member. The first clue is discovered inside the files of a retired Southern California insurance salesman. The members of Forrest’s rock band are determined to prove that he is innocent, and end up in the middle of the Seattle strip club scene. Detective Cloud is introduced to the world of ecstasy distribution and the dark side of the billion-dollar insurance business and comes to learn how far those involved will go to protect their investments. The Drummer will challenge readers as they are thrust into a world of crime scene forensics, bizarre sex, and rock n’ roll.
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Burr Anderson spent decades in the business world before discovering his passion for writing thrillers that provide his readers with suspense, forensic intrigue, and the revelation of the sinful acts behind closed doors. While studying at the University of Puget Sound, a criminology course led to a research project with the Tacoma Police Department that helped inspire much of his first book. After college, Burr’s passion for adventure sparked a six-year Navy assignment that included serving on two United States Navy submarines during the Cold War era. His four-decade business career in the life insurance industry started in Tacoma, Washington and took him to Southern California where his agency won international recognition and became a model of excellence for his commitment to cultural diversity. In 2008, Burr Anderson CLU ChFC’s industry involvement with the General Agents & Managers Association (GAMA International) earned him a place in the prestigious GAMA International Hall of Fame. Since that time, he has taught numerous classes on sales and management as well as managing successful solo business projects. In addition to his professional pursuits, he dedicates much of his resources to local philanthropies, including serving on numerous boards and previously acting as the president of the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club. Community minded, Anderson donates his time and expertise to political campaigns, youth baseball, and supporting local police departments. Anderson and his wife Nancy also enjoy painting as award-winning artists of acrylic and watercolors, respectively. He brings his diverse experiences to bear in his exciting first novel and hopes that you, too, will begin to question what goes on behind even the most mundane facades of those around you.

The story runs real fast, easy to read and follow. Great little side notes of interesting and fun facts throughout the story leading to more interesting knowledge of the points being made. Just as you start to wonder what is going to happen next, the next chapter solves that mystery. Some you see coming, others jump out and get ya!

The characters are all very believable... as in any of them good be true to life and living next door to you. If you like a story line that is fun, interesting, fact filled and could happen in your town.... this book is for you. I am looking forward to author Burr Anderson's next adventure.

Todd Mustang 
Burr Anderson amazed me as he captured my interest in his tight first chapter, which was only two pages long. He left me begging for more. Like that old snack food commercial, "I bet you can't just read one chapter". The Drummer is the kind of book that once you pick it up, you can't put it down.

Joseph Boyle
Joseph Boyle 

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