Prized Possession
Prized Possession
“A Father’s Journey in Raising his Daughter”
Perfect Bound Softcover
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An umbrella offers protection and covering from the outside elements. An umbrella shields one from what you don’t want to experience. Dads can picture themselves as an umbrella over their daughters as they grow up. A dad’s role is to protect, cover and shield his daughter from unwanted and outside elements. My prayer is that the reader would stand above the rest in their parenting efforts. Be the kind of dad that rises to the challenge and embraces the battle. This book examines the tumultuous culture that girls are growing up in and will help dads begin to understand their role in the battle. There are firsthand testimonies from quality young women who will report what their fathers did that cultivated a close father/daughter relationship. In addition, you will hear from dads who worked hard at being great fathers and learn by their example. I will share personal experiences that have shaped my parenting and provided me with the insight, conviction and motivation I needed to be the right kind of dad for my daughter. God bless you in the sacred task of raising a daughter. I pray this book will empower you in the process. Alan Smyth
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Alan Smyth - I am a husband and a father who has had 25 years of experience raising a daughter. I didn’t say “expertise,” I said “experience.” Beyond my own personal experience as a dad, I have been on the Young Life staff for 24 years giving me a front row seat to the lives of adolescent’s (boys and girls). I have seen up close their issues and sometimes the sad consequences of their life choices. I am also in direct contact with hundreds of female Young Life staff and leaders who are intimately involved with girls as they struggle to grow up. I have been married to me wife, Sharon, for 29 years and we have two awesome kids. Our daughter Brittany is 25 years old, a graduate from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego and is now out in the work force. She also enjoys serving on the South Central Los Angeles Young Life team where she helps to reach inner city, at risk youth in LA. Our son Trevor (20) is studying at the United States Naval Academy "Beat ARMY!” I am a graduate of San Jose State University with a Communication Studies/Business degree. I have enjoyed my 24 years on the Young Life staff, a non-denominational Christian outreach, where I am currently serving as the Regional Director for the Greater Los Angeles Region. I love sports, my family, friends and giving my life to something a lot bigger than myself. This book is the result of lots of God directed circumstances blended with my real life experiences of being a dad. I have a huge heart for being a dad to both of my kids. However, my heart breaks for girls who have been traumatize by our culture and have been dealt the raw deal of not having an engaged dad in their life. It would be my joy to somehow pass something useful along to younger dads who will in turn love their daughters in a more fulfilling, meaningful and Godly way. May God bless you in your efforts to be a great Dad! I pray this book can be helpful to you in the process. Kristy Fox I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mom, and have worked with teenagers (especially teenage girls) for the past 22 years. I have been married to my incredible husband and partner for 17 years and have 3 kids – Joshua, Madeline and Luke. I am a graduate of UC Irvine with a Social Science degree and minor in Political Science. I have had the privilege of walking with high school girls in deep relationships for the past 22 years – 4 of those years as a volunteer within a church youth program and 18 years as a Young Life Area Director. I am currently serving in Young Life as the Regional Director for the South Coast Region which is San Diego and Orange County. I have enjoyed working with adolescent girls from all different socioeconomic, racial, religious and family backgrounds. I have remained working with young people directly for so long because my heart breaks and aches for young people and the exciting, yet difficult place they are in their life journey. I also love to read, travel, and spend time with my family!
I just finished reading Prized Possession. I feel so privileged to be a father of three lovely daughters. This book was tremendous, eye opening, and practical. This is a must read for every father. Thank you for taking the time to write such an amazing book. ~Joseph
Love it want it for my dad
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