Beyond Compulsion
Beyond Compulsion
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A wealthy Frenchman adopts Georges, an orphan in a backstreet brothel in Algiers, but this new father is nothing more than a perverted monster. Georges grows to be charming, handsome, and truly malevolent through this privileged but sadistic upbringing. And his insatiable gambling addiction triggers his every move. Serena Cheetham is a naïve, slightly overweight, but attractive girl who inhabits the rarefied world of the ultra-rich. Georges will stop at nothing to satisfy his warped needs, so he easily seduces young Serena to gain his ends. Serena’s wealthy and powerful family is horrified by the introduction of the unscrupulous and unashamed Georges into Serena’s life, but despite her parents’ efforts, the couple makes their escape and heads to the United States. Serena realizes too late the dangerous machinations of her lover. As Georges’ gambling continues—intermingled with suspicions of blackmail and even murder—he drags her down lower and lower into the depths of evil to fulfil his macabre desires. Georges corrupts everyone who crosses his path, but is it too late for Serena? Does she have any hope of redemption from the man who threatens her survival?
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A. D. FitzGerald lives in County Wicklow, Ireland. He spends most of his time in County Kerry and is the father of a grown son and a young daughter. He was educated in England at second and third levels and now runs his own small business. He has written four books.

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