The Tapestry of Israel
The Tapestry of Israel
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Israel is not just another nation. The history of Israel is not merely a collection of coincidences. God is not finished with the Jews. This tiny nation that is perpetually ensnared in conflict and persecution still holds a key place in God's purpose for mankind and has not been replaced by the Christian Church. The Tapestry of Israel explores a number of trends or “threads” that make up the history of this ancient nation. These threads prove Israel's modern relevance and demand a response to the Jews' increasing need for support as the pressure mounts to exchange the Holy Land for the illusion of peace. Christians will learn that the Jews are still God's chosen people, even today, and that heavenly intervention and miracles are common occurrences in modern-day Israel. Corrupt theology and deceptive theories are exposed! Discover how Satan seeks to rob Israel of her covenant with God and bring the destruction of Israel through anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Learn what the Christian Church's responsibility is in its support of Israel and what the supportive Christian should pray on behalf of Israel. Please Visit:
The history of Israel is not just a collection of coincidences; a study of Israel shows a number of trends or “threads” that are an integral part of the history of the nation. The threads weave themselves into a tapestry that is the nation Israel. An understanding of each of these threads, with the knowledge that God's hand is on the nation, gives discernment of the importance of that small nation in the world today. Israel is not just another nation; it holds a key place in God's purpose for mankind. The timeline in this book covers events in history that highlight specific threads that weave their way through the complicated tapestry of the nation Israel. To begin to understand the modern nation of Israel and all its complexities, one must unravel the threads while weaving one's way through the intricate events of Israel's past. To truly do justice to the Jews one needs to take cognisance of the spiritual, not just the physical. The Jews are a covenant people. Their history is bound to the hand of God. For the very same reason they cannot escape the attentions of a very determined spiritual enemy whose own destiny is determined by whether Satan is able to eradicate the Jewish people group. The prophetic future of Israel and the Church is entwined together, without the one the fulfilment of the prophetic future of the other will not happen. Some of the threads of the tapestry: · God is not a deistic distant God; He has His hands on the events in history and is guiding the world to a predestined goal when Jesus returns to Jerusalem to establish His kingdom. God requires the Church to be partners with Him in attaining the goal of a millennial kingdom; prophecy is a call to participation not passivism. · God is not finished with the Jews. They are a covenant people and God has not forgotten His promises to them. His restoration of the Jews to the Promised Land is an important part of the End Times narrative, which will include the restoration of the Jews in relationship with Him. Because of this God has His hand on the nation, protecting Israel in miraculous ways. · God has been using the Protestant Church to fulfil His plan and purpose for Israel and requires that His Church continues to support Israel. · Prophecy is to be interpreted literally using the premillennial interpretation of the End Times. Amillennial and postmillennial views of the End Times discount the importance of the nation of Israel. By doing so these beliefs allow for the cancer of replacement theology to take root. Satan will do all in his power to derail God's unfolding plan for mankind. This includes the formation of an apostate church with a theology that masks Israel's key role in the End Times and allows for anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. · Satan knows that his own ultimate end, which results in his judgement and eternal condemnation, is connected with the nation of Israel. Because of this, he will do all in his power to ensure the destruction of Israel.
Neil Taylor is a citizen of South Africa. Here he obtained a BA Degree and diplomas in Education and Theology, teaching Bible Education for 8 years. He is keenly interested in eschatology, prophecy and Biblical history. The book The Tapestry of Israel was written after living in Israel for a short time. The author believes that the book is a result of obedience to a calling which stems from 1 Corinthians 1:27: “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”

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