Revealing YOU
Revealing YOU
Strategies and Tools for the Goal-Oriented Teen
Perfect Bound Softcover
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If you know of a special someone that deserves all that this delicious life has to offer then this is the book for you. Parents and teachers of our youth will find Revealing YOU a must have. It is eye opening, interactive, and designed to make teens think about their present, their goals, and their future. It offers many strategies and tools for reaching success while encouraging these brave young people to be confident, positive, driven, and energized in their experiences. SO...Why did this book find its way to YOUR hands? The Answer is because…YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU ARE UNIQUE! YOU ARE THE MAIN ACTOR IN YOUR FEATURE MOVIE! YOU ARE SO VERY SPECIAL AND YOUR FUTURE IS SO VERY IMPORTANT!
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR I lay in my hammock in the brisk early morning. I live in Canmore, Alberta, Canada in a small house on the side of the mountain. The pages that created this little book shield me from the acorns being tossed by the busy squirrels from the branches above. The boys lay peacefully in their beds. An early morning jogger is the only noise coming from the fog filled path behind me. My favorite wool sweater from the thrift store cuddles me and is evidence that the season is about to change. A text message that simply says, xoxo, from my loving, supportive husband reminds me how blessed we are to have each other. We were fortunate to meet at a young age in a small farming town and have spent the last fourteen years loving, growing, and annoying each other. He has been at work for two hours already because he is the type of man that is super-energized, positive, and abundantly self-motivated. He is young at heart and funny and we complement each other like rice and soya sauce. (Which is all I cook!) My husband and I bounce out of bed in the morning. We love the outdoors, we love what we do for a living, which is construction, and we love to pursue FUN with our two amazing boys. Our motto is to work hard and play harder. In telling you about myself I have no choice but to let you in on whom I spend all my time with…so there you have it! I give back to my community by being involved, of which I have many examples because we have moved countless times. One of my prouder moments was volunteering with the Carmelite Sisters of St. Joseph`s Home as a nurse (my other profession) and writing a small tribute book in their honour. Those first words ever written on paper for someone else`s eyes taught me more about myself than my first year of university. That tribute sits locked up in their spiritual hearts forever to be held safe from judgement, critique, and exposure. It was the first piece of writing that I ever wrote that wasn`t for an instructor or a grade. It was simply to lift the hearts of others, not for praise, pay, or popularity. Volunteering became a staple in my life. When my employer from another job banked my pay and wrote a cheque in my honour to an orphanage in Indonesia I grew again as an adult, coming closer to revealing the person that I sought to be. I like to be busy and do so triumphantly. It was at this time that I started to scribble things down to say to my boys as their adolescent years were approaching fast. My excitement to have money given away in my honour was, in short, confusing to my children. I told them that I was fulfilling my personal goals as a role model in the community. They know me better than anyone and understood however, they questioned whether the money had been better spent on snowboards, ipads, and trips! I knew then that it was time to get serious about parenting this generation of teens. This book is my gift to my sons, of who I am so proud. I am honoured to be the one to watch over you and guide you through these years so with this little book I offer you my tips for success, happiness, and a goal-orientated future. May you grow up to be brave and to go out into the world ready to explore, try new things, make mistakes, and find love like I did. I love you.
It is apparent that this book was made with love.

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