The Last Battle of Atlantis
The Last Battle of Atlantis
Second Chronicle The Story of Atlandreous
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Twelve thousand years ago, heroes and antagonists were made. Civilizations were starting to flourish. Within their social structures there was love, honor, and friendship. On the other side of the spectrum, there was also greed, fear, and power. Within the last one hundred years, archeologists and paleontologists unearthed a new world. After the Ice age, archeologists discovered civilizations with architectural buildings and commerce. Paleontologists have proof of animals which were not like we are accustomed to today. They have uncovered giant sloths, mammoths, giant rhinos, and giant elk, all living amongst the civilizations before written history. So far, Atlantis is a legend. In those legends there had to be a leader and hero that brought Atlantis together. The story of Atlandreous unfolds as Duncan, a present day archeologist, visions the beginning of the Atlantean Empire.
Forward/Author’s Note

If you have a chance today, look at the people that surround your life. In any society, there are people that feed off others. Because of being afraid to fail, they let others take the burden of everyday events, but there are leaders that excel and make things happen for the greater good of their peers.
In difficult situations, there are very few people that want to take on hard and strenuous tasks. The ones that take the chance in taking the assignments and excel are considered heroes. Most people push themselves to do well. Sometimes they do not know why, but they keep going forward to better themselves, or for their colleagues. The true leaders put emotion to the side and go forward to make things happen.
In history books, there are a few people that take on the unattainable. The ones we know are the ones we learned about in school. The historical heroes never wanted the challenge. They just did it. The responsibility became an obsession to make it through the event at hand. Because the assignment was very hard to conquer, the person became larger than life to that society.
With new discoveries in science and archeology, man is finding new ideas about what really happened to mankind’s past. Because some stories took place so long ago, it is hard to find concrete evidence of exactly what happened. There are so many stories and theories, but mankind is never satisfied with the results. People hear what they want to hear.
In every society and nation, there are heroes which make their populace proud of who they are. Before written history, there had to be someone that man has forgotten until now.

Chapter I
The Ultimate Discovery
{Present Day}

“Yes! Where do we go now?” Duncan says in his sleep as he twists and turns.
Kyle, who is Duncan’s assistant, goes into his tent and says, “Wake up Duncan. Wake up. You’re having one of your dreams again. You told me to wake you up so you could remember what you were dreaming about.”
Duncan comes back to a conscious state and says, “I’m having dreams again of the ancient city we’ve found. When I was in a coma last year, I dreamed and saw what this civilization went through. I am still living these ancient people’s lives in my dreams. I can’t believe I’m having these thoughts. Before the discovery of this ancient society, I never was in this frame of mind. The visions in my sleep must be my subconscious telling my conscious mind what I want to see.”
Kyle sits on a chair and replies, “What you saw in your coma is what we are discovering right now. Your unconscious visions are correlating with our new discoveries. It can’t be by chance that you are having these supernatural dreams. There has to be a reason. There are some things that just can’t be explained, but, I believe you.”
Duncan gets up from his cot and says, “I can’t believe what is going on. I must be going mad. No one else is having these visions except me. I don’t even want these dreams. I feel I have no privacy in my own mind. It is not a good feeling. Every time I close my eyes to sleep, I feel as if someone or something is hovering over my soul and putting things in my mind.”
Kyle looks confused and asks, “What did you see this time?”
Duncan replies, “I saw an ancient city far from this land going through changes. There is something lost or forgotten every time I see this civilization. I feel as if a puzzle piece is missing. In our discovered ancient city here, we are going to have to decipher these ancient writings to fully understand this antediluvian society. It’s destroying me. At this point, we are not even sure if this is a part of the Atlantean Empire or some other ancient civilization that no man knows about.”
That same morning, the archeologists go to the ancient city inside the mountains of Spain. The teams of excavators have uncovered unbelievable treasures. The archeological find is breathtaking. It seemed a large empire placed all their treasures inside this mountain. The size of the city could not come up with this kind of wealth on its own. With the city being close to twelve thousand years old, the archeologists did not think gold and silver was worth anything to people during that particular time period.
Rachael is looking over some ancient writing inside the city and is still trying to decipher the text on the walls. She has fifty binders which she is using to relate back and forth. The excavators have been trying to understand the ancient writing for over a year. For Rachael, it has become an obsession. She does not want to let Duncan or herself down.
In one part of the city, there is a carving of a man standing with four cities surrounding him on a wall. To the archeologists, it seems to be a person which brought the civilization together. It is the only thing that makes sense to them. In the background of the picture, they find a bull’s head. It seems to be the coat of arms of their civilization. A year ago, they found a silver plated breastplate with the same coat of arms. Time has almost erased all of the carved writing on the walls. To Duncan, this is something Plato wrote about in the Atlantean story. But a bull is a strong figure, and any society might have used it for their insignia.
As Kyle kneels down at the text writing, he points at an almost erased inscription.
Kyle says, “What if there are other cities like this one all around Europe.”
Duncan replies, “If that’s true, the undiscovered cities can explain what happened to this society. These texts may lead us to it. This methodical inscription and drawing can be a map. What about the writings in the religion hall? There is the same man there with a similar picture, but at a different point of the drawing. The picture could be the Straits of Gibraltar. If we can find the third point and use the point of this city, we may find another city which has not been discovered yet.”
Kyle says, “In the main ancient library of this city, there is a picture of six mountains. There also seems to be a drawing of a large lake in the same illustration. It can be connected to what we might be looking for.”
Duncan, Kyle, and Rachael go to the ancient library and look right at the picture on the wall. They see the image of six mountains and a large body of water near what seems to be a mountain range. In the picture, three mountains are together as brothers in the clouds. In the background, they can barely detect of a man’s face. Right in the middle, there is a little dot which can be erosion or something the ancient people put there on the mountain. It is unclear to the archeologists.
They go up to Duncan’s tent to use the internet to look up the sixth largest mountain in the world. The archeologists search all of Europe, but know it is not what they are looking for.
Duncan looks at the computer and says, “Rachael, look up the sixth largest mountain in Africa and see if there is a lake near it.”
Rachael punches in the keys and a picture comes up. All of the archeologists get very excited. But at the same time, they know it may not be what they are looking for. It is still a long shot.
Kyle looks at the computer and says, “Look at Mount Stanley. The largest lake is Lake Victoria. This can’t be right. Why there? I don’t understand. This is where we should go next. It is something we should look into.”
Duncan replies, “It is a very rich area. I am going to ask Callaway to see if he has any connections in Uganda.”

The one thing that helped me complete my first book was when I realized I would actually be writing a trilogy. One book was not enough to answer all the questions about the legend of Atlantis. As the first book came to an end, I knew there was still an earlier account of Atlantis which would eventually bring the story of Atlandreous. It was inside me waiting to go on paper.
With the first book published, I continued briefly with my everyday life. One day, while mowing the grass, I was overcome with the premise for the second book – the prequel to the first. With grass clippings still on my legs, I spent the next ten hours writing the basis of the second book. I knew then one book was not enough to justify what was in my imagination.
This second book is unique because it has been written knowing the audience of the first. At the same time, it broadens the appeal of the first book by laying the foundation of how the Atlantean civilization could have evolved to what is in the first chronicle. History is not a single point in time, it is series of events that we group together to make since of the past and present everyday life. This is the next installment of such events.

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