The Land Between Two Rivers
The Land Between Two Rivers
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Four strangers fighting in the Iraq War find their lives intertwine and their fates forever changed when they collide in a string of events in the northern Iraq city of Mosul. A newcomer to the bloodshed in Iraq, Jeremiah must find a way to make sense of the violent conflict his country has thrust him into. What he finds may make or break his future as an American soldier. Following the tragic death of his brother, Juma can’t stand the thought of continuing on with the status quo of life before. Placing blame on the Americans in his country, he starts down a path that affects everyone around him. Coping with the kidnapping of his best friend and fellow police officer, Ali finds himself going above and beyond to fight for the future of his family and his country. Abu-Zah’ara always knew he would fight jihad, but he never knew he would be leading his closest friends against the occupation of his own country. Can they find a way out of the tangled destinies which have them holding knives at each other’s throats?
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Wilson hails from a long line of storytellers known for their captivating anecdotes of life. A veteran of the Iraq War, Wilson spent more than two years listening to the stories of Iraqis and American soldiers alike. Using lifelong skills, Wilson sketched together a story thought to best explain the war. Wilson enjoys life on the East Coast and has not yet chosen a place to call a permanent home.

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