How to start and run your own business
How to start and run your own business
- Make money and have fun doing it
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This book tells you how to start your own business. It tells you exactly what you need to know and how to do it. It is precise, helpful and complete in its range - Just the sort of down to earth guide that someone starting their own business really needs.
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I started my own company in 1989. That company is still running and it's still making money. I had been working previously for a large manufacturing company, and I was offered the possibility to leave that employer, along with 200 other people. I had been thinking about starting my own business for some years and I jumped at the chance when it was offered. I made some mistakes in the first year or two when I was running my own company, but it still survived, in spite of the poor economic conditions at that time. It was by making mistakes and learning from them that I felt entitled to write this book. Now I know what has to be done to make a company prosper - and what should be avoided. I sold that first company in 2008. The company was located in France and my wife wanted to move to Britain. I started a new company in Britain and it is running well. We have a nice life here in Britain and we have the opportunity to see our children - and they are also running their own successful businesses.

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