The Dark Side of Christianity
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Part social commentary, part autobiography, part personal growth tutorial, this book is not for the faint of heart. It will disturb provincial sensibilities. If you are up for a story of radical transformation; from the gritty to the graceful, this book is for you. This Darling Princess was conceived by violent rape and abused as a child. By fourteen years old she entered prostitution and other criminal activity. She was pregnant by age seventeen by an organized crime boss and told to have an abortion or be killed. Find out how she became a faithful wife, mother of five, trusted nurse and competent business owner.
When Richard let her up she was dirty from head to toe and she felt dirty inside and out. She brushed herself off, shook the dirt out of her clothes and tried to fix the curl back into her hair. The mud and struggle had caused it to straighten and lay flat against her face. Step by step, she made it home. Although she doesn't remember the entire walk home, she remembers walking up to the house, knowing her father was there. Fearing someone would see her, preparing herself to skirt the room and fly up the stairs, she took a deep breath. She saw Joe sitting in the chair in the corner of the room, reading by the lamp, but she was too afraid, embarrassed and too wounded to consider telling him. His volatile response to the most mundane circumstances made this situation completely unapproachable. She washed and went to bed tightly clenching the covers and watching the door to make sure it didn't open. The next days she went about her daily routine, the regular turmoil in the house continued. She attempted to forget the incident. She found herself trying to shake it off over and over again. After a few weeks she realized that she was pregnant. Even though she lived in Massachusetts, where she could get an abortion, she said she couldn't even think of it. Being provincial New England, the two young people were married. She did not reveal that she had been raped at that time. She told me that they never lay down together, he raped her every time. In less than a year she found herself pregnant again. It had been a hellish time. They endured in tremendous poverty. They lived in a shed on his parents’ property and shared the bathroom and kitchen with his mother, Grammy De.
As a home educator, I provided education from preschool through graduation for my own five children, as well as helping a few of their friends graduate high school with an accredited diploma. I left school in the seventh grade, but taught myself enough to obtain a GED and attend nursing school. I believe everyone is responsible for their own education. I grew up impoverished and lived on the streets for a few years. I was ordained for youth ministry in 1998. I served on the Board of our state's Right to Life Committee and as president of that statewide nonprofit for three years. Presently, my husband and I own our home and manage rental property in four states. We live in New England. We have five children and two grandchildren.

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